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Allen, Calhoun - OH85. October 16 and 20, 1986. L. Calhoun Allen, Jr. was Shreveport’s Commissioner of Public Utilities, 1962-1970, and Shreveport’s last mayor, 1970-1978, under the Commission form of government.

Topics discussed include Allen Millwork, Allen’s Construction Co., BULL (Blacks United for Lasting Leadership), Caddo Lake, City Government, public utilities, Cooper Road annexation, Cross Lake, fluoridation issue, Louisiana State Fair stadium, LSU Medical Center, mayoral campaign, McNeill Street Pump Station, Shreve Square, politics, Shreveport Regional Airport, Shreveport Transit System, and World War II.

Persons associated with the interview include George D’Artois, Clyde Fant, Jim Gardner, and Marie Gifford Wright.

spacerCollection 117 L. Calhoun Allen, Jr. Scrapbooks and Papers, 1962-1978
spacerCollection 171 Carmody, Wilkinson Legal Files, 1951-1970
spacerMMss327 Goodwin/Allen Family Materials
spacerCollection 074 Louisiana State Fair Association Records
spacerCollection 120 Edgar Og Allen Memoirs, 1870-1946

Almond, Milton - OH98

Attaway, Douglas (1910-1993) - OH2. February 25, 1977. Main topic is Attaway’s leadership in the various attempts to restore Red River navigation. Douglas F. "Doug" Attaway, Jr., was president and publisher of the Shreveport Journal (1957-1976). He was chairman of the board of KSLA-TV from 1966 to 1979. He was a former chairman of the board of Newspaper Production Company and the Attaway Newspaper Group, Inc. Born in Shreveport to Journal publisher Douglas Attaway, Sr., and the former Bessie Fisher (1884-1967), he graduated from C. E. Byrd High School and held degrees in journalism and business from the University of Missouri. He joined the staff of The Journal in 1934 as an advertising proof runner. He became an ad salesman, assistant bookkeeper and reporter and became managing editor in December 1941, a position that he held until the senior Attaway's death in 1957. Attaway was a member of the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, and the original board of the Red River Navigation Association, a private trade association which successfully lobbied the Congress for navigation of the Red River from Alexandria to Shreveport, the largest city in northwestern Louisiana.

Attaway was affiliated with Kappa Alpha fraternity, Rotary International, Downtown Shreveport Unlimited, Coastal Gun Club, American Bowling Congress, Boy Scouts of America, the Shreveport Club, the Petroleum Club of Shreveport, American Newspaper Publishers Association, Texas Daily Newspaper Association, and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association. He was the 1968 Cotillion King of the annual Holiday In Dixie celebration. In 1965, he was named "Shreveport's Best Salesman".

Topics include journalism, Shreveport Journal, Louisiana Dept. of Public Works, Overton Canal, Red River Navigation Campaign, Red River Valley Association (LSUS Archives Coll. 042), Red River Waterway Commission, Shreveport-Bossier Chamber of Commerce, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers; J. Pat Beard, Overton Brooks, Harry Chalmiers, Senator Allen J. Ellender, James Fritze, Sam Hall, Senator Bennett Johnston, Ben Levy, Roy Matthias, Otto Passman, Wright Patman, Barney Rothschild, and Rep. Joe Waggoner.

spacerCollection 042 Red River Valley Association Records

Baird, George O., Jr. - OH56. April 3, 1979. Interview relates to Baird’s musical connection in Ark-La-Tex, particularly the old Shreveport Symphony.

Topic associated with this interview are: Bank Music, Centenary College, Popular Music, Shreveport Symphony. Persons associated with the interview include: Bob Carlton, Vernon Dalhart, Pearl Larmoyeaux, Jack Purvis, and J. Vernon Stanger.

Baker, Champ, June 15, 1982. Red River Valley Association - OH76. June 15, 1982. Interview pertains to Baker’s knowledge of the history of the Red River Valley Association, taped just prior to his resignation as Director.

Topics discussed include: Overton Canal, Red River Valley Area Council, Red River Waterway Commission, Shreveport-Bossier Port Commission, Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, Shreveport Journal, and Shreveport Times.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Doug Attaway, Ed Ettinger, Sen. Dave Frye, Jeff Hingle, David Hutchinson, Sen. Bennett Johnston, Tom Ledet, Sen. Russell Long, Barney Rothschild, Homer Tanner, Calvin Watts, Chester Wells, and Jack Williams.

spacerCollection 042 Red River Valley Association Records

Baker, Mrs. J. W., et al. RE: WWII Filter Center. - OH148. November 6, 1995. Interview with women who worked in the "Filter Center," an aircraft warning system in Shreveport (La) during World War II.

Topics discussed include: World War II, Municipal Auditorium, Civil Defense, women, Barksdale AFB.

Persons associated with the interview: Mrs. Phyllis McClendon, Mae Lewis, Hazel Hall, Mrs. Ray O’Brien, Mrs. James Minor, Mrs. Lucy Dozier, Mrs. Adeline Shaw

Baldwin, John T., Jr. Tapes on Earl Long - OH82.

Beaird, Charles - OH29. September 12, 1978. Interview with Charles Beaird, publisher of the Shreveport Journal, specifically with regard to the court-appointed Bi-Racial Citizen’s Committee on desegregation.

Topics associated with the interview include Centenary College (1960s-70s), Columbia University (1960s), Bi-racial Citizens’ Committee, Republican Party (1950s), Civil Rights Movement, Desegration (1950s), Legal Defense Fund, Singleton Decision, Caddo Parish Schools.

Persons associated with the interview include: Tom Stagg, A. J. (Jack) Hodges, John Minor Wisdom, Calhoun Allen, Don Walter (U.S. Attorney), Judge Scott Nolan, Johnny Bright, Alphonse Jackson, W. C. Rasberry.

Bethard, Henry William III - OH63. July 14, 1981. Interview pertains to Henry W. Bethard’s term as a Louisiana State Legislator, 1960-1964, made in conjunction with the donation of his legislative papers to the LSUS Archives.

Topics include the Appropriations Committee, Code of Ethics Bill, Homestead Exemption, Idle funds, and school desegregation.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Joe Cooper, Gov. Jimmie Davis, S. M. Morgan, Willie Rainach, and Lester Vetter.

spacerCollection 183 Henry W. Bethard, III Papers, 1960-1965

Black, Dr. Charlie L. - OH123. March 30, 1993. Interview with local doctor involved in starting LSU Medical School in Shreveport (La).

Topics discussed include: World War II, Shreveport Charity Hospital, polio epidemic, tuberculosis, Shreveport Medical Society, fluoridation, race relations, LSU Medical School at Shreveport, medical specialties, medical missionaries.

Persons associated with the interview include: Sam Cummings, Dr. John Hall.

Block, Retta Winter - OH130. October 30, 1981. Interview with Mrs Albert Block, a founder of the Woman’s Department Club of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Topics discussed include: Woman’s Department Club, schools, Gusher (high school yearbook).

Persons associated with the interview include William Winter, Walter Jacobs, Sr., Cecelia Ellerbe.

File contains photo of Mrs. Block and Mrs. M. L. Bath.

Bogan, Harney - OH117. April 5, 1979. Interview with former Louisiana legislator and lobbyist from Shreveport.

Topics discussed include: Southern Methodist Episcopal Church South, Presbyterian Church in Louisiana, O. J.’s Beauty Lotion, Shreveport Drug Company, World War I, New Orleans, Rodessa, Standard Oil Company, loan sharks.

Persons associated with the interview include Samuel Scofield Bogan, O. J. Parham, Gov. John M. Parker, Pike Hall, Earl Long, Lige Williams, Joe Hamiter, Cecil Morgan.

Brashier, Mamie (1896-) - OH4. Fall 1975. Main topic is the folk practice or custom of "Nigger Holler" that was an activity practiced in parts of the rural South, in this case North Louisiana. Recording opens with a brief of example of "Nigger Hollering" by Mrs. Brashier. Mrs. Brashier and her husband raised cotton around Marion, Louisiana, for most of their married life.

Topics include north Louisiana farming, folklore, folk culture, race relations, Ouachita River, Union Parish, the Brashier and Colvin families.

Bridger, Dr. Gale - OH155

Bright, John M. - OH53. October 21, 1980. Preliminary interview regarding labor movement in Shreveport.

Topics associated with the interview include: AFL-CIO, Trade & Labor Council, Bricklayer’s Union, Carpenter’s Union, Cement Mason’s Union, Communications Employees, Horton & Pollard, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Laborer’s Union, Operating Engineers, Plasterer’s Union, and Teamsters.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Victor Bussie, Gent Durant, L. D. Morgan, Bob Myers, William Smith, M. H. Tipton, and Lige Williams.

Brock, Eric (Shreveport Historian) - OH124. August 1998. Interview regarding Shreveport in the 1920s.

Topics discussed include oil and gas industry, economic growth, population growth, annexations, populism, progressivism, commercial growth, crime, transportation, schools, utilities, Cross Lake, hospitals, churches, architecture, parks, bridges, public projects, World War II, banks, Great Depression.

Persons associated with the interview include: Ben Johnson, Randall T. Moore.

Brown, Paul Jr. - OH83. [1975]. Recollections of Paul M. Brown, Jr., oilman (Bayou State Oil Corp, et al), and chairman of Louisiana Bank & Trust Co. Brown graduated from and taught at Centenary College during the first two decades of the 20th century, and was a trustee for more than three decades. He was president of the Shreveport Better Business Bureau and Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, and active in Noel Memorial Methodist Church.

Topics associated with the interview include: Centenary College, SMU, World War I, Noel Church, American National Bank, Commercial National Bank, Great Depression, Bayou State Oil Corp, Continental American Bank, Trout Lumber Company, Dodd College, Civil Service in Louisiana, Council for a Better Louisiana.

Persons associated with the interview include: Sydney Cook (Cook, Yancey law firm), E. A. Frost (?), J. E. Smitherman, John Tucker, W. K. Henderson, Judge Ben Dawkins, William L. Duren, Arch Haynes, Charlton Lyons, Sr.

Butler, Willis P. - OH20. March 15, 21, 23, 1977. Recollections of internationally recognized authority in Forensic Pathology, who served as a Coroner longer than anyone in the history of the United States. Interview reflects on pioneering work including the rewriting of the Louisiana Coroner’s Law, and touches on seventy-five years of Shreveport cultural and political history.

Topics associated with the interview include: Barksdale Field, Cedar Grove, Central Christian Church, Charity Hospital, City Hall 1910, Coroner’s Legislation in Louisiana, Communicable Diseases, Downtown (Shreveport) buildings, Entertainment in Early Shreveport, First Methodist Church, First National Bank Building, Forensic Pathology, KWKH Medical Facilities and Practices, 1900-, Pest House, Police Jury, 1912, Prostitution, Red Light District, Schumpert Hospital, Silver Lake, Trees City, Vaccination Procedures, Early Use of X-Ray.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Dennis Bazer, Harney Bogan, W. K. Henderson, Tom Hughes, Huey Long, Julius Long, Rube McKellar, Cecil Morgan, David Raines, Gerald L. K. Smith, Newt Smith, W. P. Stiles.

spacerCollection 066 Willis P. Butler Papers, 1909-1973
spacerCollection 416 Caddo Parish Coroner’s Office Records, 1922-1971

Cady, Dr. Dorothy - OH165

Carpenters Union Local 764 - OH79. 1981. A series of interviews with members of Carpenters’ Union Local 764, Shreveport, LA. Interviews center on autobiographical material related to the work life of the carpenter and his relationship to his union.

Topics include Shreveport history, north Louisiana history, race relations, city government, Louisiana politics, World War I and II, economic depressions, boom periods in the economy, social history of the Ark-La-Tex.

spacerCollection 172 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local No. 764, 1900-1980
spacerCollection 200 Louisiana State Council of Carpenters Records, 1941-1976

Carpenters Union, July 1983: Oral History Project: State of La. - OH78. Series of interviews relating to the history of organized labor in Louisiana.
spacer78-01 Allen Airhart, Jan. 5, 1982 [Lake Charles]
spacer78-02 Carl “Bud” Andry, n.d. [Lake Charles]
spacer78-03 E. J. Ardoin, August 27, 1981. [Baton Rouge]
spacer78-04 Kermic Bajat, Oct. 9, 1981. Lafayette
spacer78-05 Frank J. Busby, Oct. 7, 1981. Bogalusa
spacer78-06 Ronnie Cannon, Mar. 2, 1982. Unknown
spacer78-07 Warren Chapman, Jun. 1, 1982. Unknown
spacer78-08 A. J. Dato, Sept. 3, 1981. Houma
spacer78-09 Forrest Fisher. Jan. 7, 1982. Unknown
spacer78-10 Don Gilbert. Feb. 18, 1982. Lake Charles
spacer78-11 Marion Gillota. Oct. 26, 1981. Hammond
spacer78-12 Walter Harry. Sept. 3, 1981. Bogalusa
spacer78-13 Jerrel Howell. Mar. 9, 1982. Simpson
spacer78-14 David Laborde, Sept. 28, 1981. New Orleans
spacer78-15 Wiley Lebert. Feb. 13, 1982. Unknown
spacer78-16 Andrew LeBlanc. Nov. 23, 1981. Metairie
spacer78-17 Mrs. Leland Ledet. Oct. 1, 1981. Houma
spacer78-18 J. B. Little. Oct. 3, 1981. Bogalusa

Carroll, Dr. Wynton H. - OH122. July 13, 1990. Interview with Wynton Howard Carroll, radiologist of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Topics discussed include: World War II, Shreveport Charity Hospital, radiology, medical technology, x-ray, Medicare, Schumpert Hospital, malpractice insurance, LSU-Shreveport Medical School.

Persons associated with the interview include: Dr. G. M. Riley.

Chapman, Mrs. Mark - OH23. December 19, 1977. Recollections of the fluoridation issue in Shreveport.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Robert Chandler, Earl Yonkers, Gerald L. K. Smith, Evans Medford, George Baird, Dr. Zaffater, and Ray C. Jordan.

Clawson, Lally F. - OH10. March 17, 1977. A memoir of Mr. Clawson's experiences in politics and as an official in local government from 1920-1972, with particular emphasis on his years as Secretary-Treasurer to the Caddo Parish Police Jury.

Some topics associated with this interview are anti-semitism, Catholicism, the Ku Klux Klan, Prohibition and the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Individuals associated with the interview include Leon I. Cahn, Sam Caldwell, W. T. Crawford, Harold DeGeneres, Dolph Frantz, Jim Gardner, Sam Jones, Richard Leche, Earl Long, Huey Long, John M. Sentell, and Billy Sunday.

Cloud, Dr. Dalton - OH166.

Cochran, Kelvin (Fire Chief) - OH128. October 13, 1999. Interview with Shreveport Fire Chief Kelvin J. Cochran.

Topics discussed include: Fire training, PIER program, public education, fire stations, higher education.

Persons associated with the interview include: Debra Carrol, Luther Sharbonno.

Combs, Rufus M. - OH88. July 7, 1986. One of a series of interviews of Vietnam War veterans conducted by a graduate student at LSUS.

Topics discussed include the My Lai and Phu Bai engagements, and the U. S. Army in Vietnam.

See related material in An oral history of Vietnam veterans in Shreveport and Bossier, LB2369.1987 .B54 in Noel Library.

Connell, Clyde (1901-1998) and Lucille Reed - OH3. October 8, 1975. Central theme of interview is the emergence of modern art including its relationship to the craft movement. More specifically, it is the memoir of two Shreveport artists who consciously kept abreast of the movement and its impact on the Shreveport area art community. Clyde Connell, who became a full-time artist only in her 60's and who was known for totemic sculptures, imposing wall reliefs and runelike drawings lived on Lake Bisteneau. Except for some traveling, Mrs. Connell spent her entire life within a 50-mile radius of Shreveport. Her white hair and a self-contained presence sometimes drew comparisons with Georgia O'Keeffe. Like O'Keeffe, she drew inspiration from the region in which she lived. Lucille Reed was a "fiberperson" or textile artist. Both Clyde Connell and Lucille Reed were active in the Shreveport Crafts Alliance and Stoner Arts Center in Shreveport.

Topics include local artists, artistic genres, and Shreveport Art Club.

Cooksey, Albert - OH163.

Cooper, Mrs. Joe - OH62. July 7, 1981. Interview with the widow of State Representative Joe Cooper of Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana, 1960-1980, at the time Mrs. Cooper donated Cooper's legislative papers to the LSUS Archives.

Topics associated with the interview include: Anti-pinball Machine Bill, Code of Ethics Bill, Highway and Transportation Committee, and Idle Funds Investments.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Joe Cawthorn, Gov. Edwin Edwards, Gov. John McKeithen, John Pickett, Jr., and David Rothell.

spacerCollection 176 Joe Cooper Legislative Papers, 1960-1980

Crook, Lonnie Harold (WWII Veteran) - OH129. February 9, 2000. Topics discussed include: 1930s, family farming, family doctors.

Dantzler, General - OH142. August 1986. Interview with 94-year-old resident of Dumas, Arkansas, by Worley H. Nicholson, Kansas City, Missouri, for the Dantzler Family Year 2000 reunion. Transcribed by Mrs. Isabelle Woods, Bossier City, LA.

Topics associated with the interview include: Dantzler Family, Greenwood (MS), slavery, Bonita (La), lynchings, West Memphis (Tn).

Persons associated with the interview include: Mose Dantzler, Redmond Dantzler, Caroline Dantzler, Calvin Dantzler.

Davidson, Harry - OH120. January 17, 1995. Interview with a nonagenarian who worked as a machinist in north Louisiana oil fields.

Topics discussed include: 1915 World’s Fair, Gulf Oil Company, Magnolia Petroleum Company, United Gas Company, LORECO, Cities Service, Crystal Oil, Pelican Supply Company, Rothschild tank company, Bell Industries, Tippitt Tool Company, labor unions, Cedar Grove, Agurs, Mooringsport, Oil City, Broadmoor, Scottish Rite, Masons, Red River bridges, Shriners' Hospital, Shreveport (La) history, Barksdale AFB, World War II, Giddens' Hill.

Persons associated with the interview include: L. E. Thomas, Tom Hughes, Huey Long, H. Lane Mitchell, Blackie Davis, "Butterfly Man," H, L. Hunt, T. K. Giddens.

Davis, Jackson B. - OH175.

Dawkins, Ben C. - OH42. March 1, 1978; March 28, 1978; June 5, 1979; June 12, 1979. Recollections of U. S. District Judge about the Federal courts' involvement in the Civil Rights movement, 1954 to the present, particularly in the Western District of Louisiana.

Topics discussed include: Brown v. Board of Education, Bull case, Busing, Civil Rights cases, desegregation, Dixiecrats, East Carroll decision, internment (Japanese Americans), judicial review, Ku Klux Klan, law clerks, Lucky v. Sharp, Monroe flood of 1927, Shreveport City Council, and Shreveport Commission form of government.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Chief Justice Warren Burger, James Michael Curly, Senator Allen Ellender, Sidney Herold, H. L. Hunt, Sam Houston Jones, Robert Kennedy, Huey Long, Sidney Nelson, Winston Overton, Ernest Palmisano, Judge Porter, Tom Stagg, Chief Justice Earl Warren, and Judge Minor Wisdom.

Disosway, Dorothy - OH145. May 25, 2004. Interview with the widow of Barksdale commander, General G. P. Disosway.

Topics discussed include: Charity Hospital (Shreveport, La), Barksdale AFB, Little Eva Plantation (Chopin).

Persons associated with the interview include: Dr. Robert Gray, W. F. Taylor, Buck Rigg, Gabriel Poillon Disosway.

Duggan, Don - OH115. Interview with Don H. Duggan of Sabine Parish, chairman of the board of Duggan Machine Corporation, manufacturers and repairers of oil field equipment, on the oil industry in northwest Louisiana.

Edwards, Edwin (Governor) - OH116. Interview with Louisiana governor, Edwin Edwards by Stanley R. Tiner, editor of the Shreveport Journal.

Egan, Lucy - OH51. Involvement in civic and cultural life of Shreveport, particularly various women's clubs and organization.

Related topics include: Children's Service Bureau, Community Council, Downtown Shreveport, Caddo Parish Education, Foster Hall, Junior League, League of Women Voters, Mansfield Femal College, Newcomb College, Pleasant Hall, Race, Rosenwald Fund, Seminar Club, Smith College, Twentieth Century Club, Women's Department Club.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Nicholas Hamner, Charles Dubose, Don Ewing, Admiral David G. Farragut, Adam Leonard, Albert Harris Leonard, and Mollie Webb.

Emmer, Antoinette Rayne and Yvette Rayne Thompson - OH61. July 19, 1980. This interview pertains specifically to Justin Gras, 19th century French immigrant, who was a longtime Shreveport merchant and businessman, whose estate helped establish the Shreveport-Bossier Community Foundation. This interview consists of personal recollections of his nieces on the life of Mr. Gras, with comments also from Mrs. Emmer’s husband, Joseph.

Major topics associated with the interview include: Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, Elks Club, Embrun, France; French Benevolent Society, Milam Street Grocery Store, Ricou Building, and Slattery Building.

Individuals associated with this interview include: Mayor Clyde Fant, Amnadee Gras,Justin Gras, Tar Gras, Justin Ricou, and Dewey Somdal.

Etheridge, Ernest (Weatherman) - OH119. October 2, 1995. Interview with recently retired Chief of the National Weather Service.

Topics discussed include: Antarctica, Barksdale Air Force Base, Shreveport Regional Airport, tornados, Louisiana Downs, Pelican, Louisiana, Bossier City tornado, Red River, Lake Texoma, Loggy Bayou, Twelve-Mile Bayou, Caddo Lake, Fort Jessup, "chain gauge", Red River Waterway, Smithsonian Institute, Cincinnati Observatory, Brooks House, U. S. Signal Corps, U. S. Weather Bureau, Texaco Tank Farm, Downtown Airport, The Caucasian newspaper, yellow fever, 7th Cavalry, radar, teletype, Gilliam, Louisiana.

Persons associated with the interview include: W. C. Cronk, Charles Davis.

Ewing, Don - OH16. October 21, November 4 and 18, and December 4, 1975; February 28 and March 23, 1976. Interview covers the highlights of a professional newspaper man, but specifically addresses local, state, and national political issues as viewed from the perspective of an active political reporter and editorial writer.

Topics discussed include: Labor relations, Agriculture, Airports, LSU Board of Regents, Caddo Parish School Board, Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, Chamber of Commerce, Shreveport Charter Commission, Citizens Council, Civilian Conservation Corps, Committee of 100, State Government Corruption, Education, Freedoms Forum, Textbooks Issue, Race Relations, Italian-Americans, Loeb-Leopold Trial, the New Deal, Recreation Council, Regional War Production Board (WWII), Riverfront Development, Soil Conservation Service, States Rights Party, State Fair Association, Taft-Hartley Act, Vietnam War, and the WPA.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Calhoun Allen, Hale Boggs, Howard Bronson, Overton Brooks, Tom Brown, Gov. Henry Burns, Victor Bussie, Mayor Sam Caldwell, Senator Bennett Clark, Lloyd Comegys, Clarence Darrow, Jackson B. Davis, Jimmie Davis, Ben C. Dawkins, Bill Dodd, Edwin Edwards, Dwight Eisenhower, John Ewing, Col. Robert Ewing, Clyde Fant, Postmaster Jim Farley, Prescott Foster, Frank Fulco, Parish Fuller, Jim Gardner, Sheriff Jimmy Goslin, Justin Gras, Jack Gremillion, Bill Hirsch, Shelby Jackson, Lyndon Johnson, Mrs. J. Bennett Johnson, Sr., Gov. Sam Jones, Robert Kennon, Richard Leche, Earl Long, Huey Long, Russell Long, Charlton Lyons, John McKeithen, Joe Monsour, deLesseps Morrison, Jimmie Noe, Westbrook Pegler, C. L. Perry, Andrew Querbes, Mrs. Justin Querbes, Sr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Donald Shipp, Carlos Spaht, Clyde Stallcup, Norman Thomas, Strom Thurmond, Harry Truman, Joe Waggoner, Roscoe White, Mrs. Sam Wiener, Lige Williams, and Gov. Fielding Wright.(Mississippi).

Fisher, Norman (Shreveport Symphony) - OH69. June 5, 1981. Fisher was organist and choirmaster at First Presbyterian Church in Shreveport and also Shreveport Symphony Chorale Director. Interview pertains to the origin and history of the Symphony Chorale and its relationship to many other musical groups and personalities in the Ark-La-Tex.

Topics discussed include: Boys’ Choir (St. Marks and First Presbyterian), Broadmoor Baptist Church, Carmina Burana, East Texas Baptist Chorus, East Texas State University Chorus, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Louisiana Tech Chorus, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Shreveport Civic Chorus & Oratorio Society, Southern University at Magnolia Chorus, and Stephen F. Austin University Chorus.

Persons associated with the interview include: Liz Abramson, Donnie Ray Albert, Lucy Bond, Nick Cassizzi, Paul Creston, Paul Doktor, Ken Dooley, Bob Ehrhardt, Blanche Ferguson, John Ferrante, Betty Flair, Paul Geiger, Wayne Hall, John Hamilton, Mickey and June Holland, Gersham Kingsley, Charles Lunan, Mitch Miller, Diane Moncure, Nancy Morrison, Dennis Nesbitt, Bea Noonan, Ann Peters, Kay Peterson, Nita Renshaw, Michael St. Clair, Betty Jane Suray, Harland Snow, Bill Teague, Anna Vaughn, Lottie Voss, and Elise Wising.

Flett, Deane (Early TV Production and Technology) - OH74. November 23, 1980. Deane Flett came to Shreveport in 1946. He worked in broadcasting for thirty-five years, twenty-two for KSLA and KTBS television in Shreveport. Flett talks about the early days of television in this market.

Topics covered include: KCIJ, KRMD, KSLA-TV, KTBS-TV, KTAL-TV, Shreveport Television Company, FCC, and International Broadcasting.

Individuals associated with the interview are Earl Long, Lois Holmes, Allen Dumont, Morris Barton, Don George, Henry Linam, Sr., Ben Beckham, Carter Henderson, T. B. Lanford, R. M. Dean, and John Pace.

Fulco, Frank (1908-1999)- OH7. July 26, 1976. Memoirs of Frank Fulco’s long political career and relation to the Shreveport Italian community. Frank Fulco, Sr. was a Shreveport businessman who served four terms in the Louisiana state legislature. He was one of the original members of the Tux Boys and the Italia Moderna Society, and the first man with an Italian surname to be elected to public office in Caddo Parish. He introduced a resolution for the creation of LSU Shreveport and supported it until it was passed in 1966. Fulco was also instrumental in the creation of Southern University Shreveport and LSU Health Sciences Center. In 1929, he co-founded Standard Printing Co. He founded the ITALIA MODERNA newspaper in 1929 (later the NEWS RECORD) to give a voice to the Italian Community. Fulco urged Italians to learn English, become educated and to be civic minded. He later published the BROADMOOR NEWS.

Topics include Anti-Italian sentiment in the 1920s, Italian community in Shreveport, Italia Moderna Society, Earl and Huey Long, Share the Wealth Movement, Jimmie Davis, the Progressive Men’s Club, and World War II in Shreveport.

Fulco, Frank - OH113. October 2, 1991. Frank Fulco talks about Huey Long, Uncle Earl Long, Jimmie Davis, John McKeithen, "Share Our Wealth", the Caddo Commission in the '30s and '40s and his disappointment in not being re-elected to the La House in '72.

Recorded at KDAQ on the LSUS campus by Monty Brown.

Gallagher, Judge Andrew - OH96. 1986. Interview with judge of the Caddo Juvenile Court.

Topics discussed include: the Dino Case, Louisiana Supreme Court, Galt Case, U. S. Supreme Court, Juvenile Court system, Kent v. U.S., Shaw v. Martin, McKeever Case, and Shreveport Juvenile Court.

Gardner, Jim - OH1. October 25, 1983; November 7, 1983; June 14, 1977; October 11, 1977. Interview with James C. Gardner, then vice-president of Southwestern Electric Power Company and former mayor of Shreveport.

Topics covered include Red River Valley Association, Ark-La-Tex politics, Caddo Parish Delegation, 1940-, Charity Hospital Board, Shreveport business and politics in the 1950s, Long-Allen Bridge, Traffic Street Bridge, Washington-Youree Hotel, Shreveport Barksdale Bridge, the Overton Canal project, Shreveport Charter Commission, Metropolitan Planning Commission, Shreveport mayoral politics, race relations, Shreveport city council, Caddo and Bossier Police Juries, Louisiana Department of Public Works, Federal Aviation Administration, Fluoridation Issue (1950s), Labor relations (1940s-1950s), Ku Klux Klan, McCarthyism, States Rights (1948), Marshall McKenzie, John McKeithen, Lane Mitchell, deLesseps Morrison, Huey P. Long, Earl K. Long, "Champ" Baker, and Gillis Long, Victor Bussie, Robert Kennon, T. Harry Williams, Lige Williams.

spacerCollection 042 Red River Valley Association Records

George, Dr. Ronald - OH127. February 16, 1995. Interview with member of the LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport.

Topics discussed include: LSUHSC in Shreveport, pulmonary medicine, primary care, faculty practice plan.

Persons associated with the interview include: Dr. Edgar Galloway, Marion Hargrove, Ike Muslow, Edgar Hull, Dr. Joe Holoubek, Dr. Clifford G. Grulee, Jr.

Glassell, Ashton - OH45. July 24, November 1, and November 8, 1979. Recollections regarding Glassell’s career as a building of significant Louisiana public buildings including Caddo Parish Court House, Municipal Auditorium, Barksdale Air Force Base, and political, economic, and social history of NW Louisiana.

Topics discussed include: England Air Force Base, Annan and Gilmer (architects), Barksdale Air Force Base, Belcher, Caddo Council on Aging, Caddo Parish Levee Board, Caldwell Brothers, Camp Claiborne, Camp Polk, Chamber of Commerce, Louisiana Council on Aging, State Democratic Central Committee, Dodd College, FHA, First Presbyterian Church, Francis Hotel (Monroe), Frank Grocery Co., G & G Construction, Glassell-Cockran Co., Glassell, Moorman & Nelson, Glassell subdivision, Glassell, Taylor, Robinson & Young, Grand Opera House, Hiedelbert Hotel (Baton Rouge), Highland Sanitarium, Johnson Furniture Co., Karnack Ammunition Plant, Knights of Columbus Temple, KWKH, Labor Unions, Caddo Parish Levee Board, Long-Allen Bridge, Mann & Stern Architects, Masonic Temple, Merriweather Supply Co., Monroe Construction Company, Montelle Marble, Municipal Auditorium, Older American Act, Old Monroe Hotel, Old Shreve Memorial Library, Oval Room, Parish Democratic Executive Committee, Planters Social Club, Police Jury, Querbes & Bourquin, Railroad Commission, Rural Electric Association, Rubensteins Building "Round Robin," Schlitz Agency, School Board, "Share the Wealth" Club, Strand Theater, Standard Oil Co., State Capitol, Union Indemnity Company (New Orleans).

Persons associated with this interview include: G. P. Allen, O.K. Allen, J. P. Annan, Harney Bogan, Johnny Bright, Overton Brooks, Victor Bussie, Bob Conway, Robert Curry, Ernest Darrell, Jimmie Davis, Allen Ellender, Clyde Fant, Johnny McWilliams Ford, George Fuller, James Gardner, Percy Garrot, Sy Goff, Tom Green, Harry Handellight, John W. Harris, Sidney Harold, Monty Hart, W. K. Henderson, Whitfield Jack, Alvin King, Richard Leche, Earl Long, Huey Long, Rose McConnell Long, Russell Long, Joe “Mussolini” Maciena, R. G. Markham, Gilman McConnell, Mildred McCormick, Stewart McGee, W. A. McMichael, Bill Merriweather, Cecil Morgan, Sonny Moutan, Edward F. Neild, Jimmy Nue, Justine Querbes, Warren Raggio, Charles Roemer, John Sentell, Dewey Somdal, Jack Stake, Pack Steven, L. E. Thomas, Harry Truman, Joe Waggoner, Will H. "Hurry" Warner, Arthur Watson, Sam Weiner, Dreyfus and Siefert Weiss, Jorace Williams, "Lige" Williams, Don Williamson, Earl Williamson, and K. C. Wilson.

Glassell, William E., III - OH109. August 30, 1989, September 5, 1989. Shreveport Real estate agent and businessman regarding cotton farming and his relatives Reverend John Glassell and wife Mary from Virginia, who settled in Desoto Parish on the eve of the Civil War.

Topics discussed include: Carolina Bluffs plantation, Chicora plantation, Wood Park plantation, Briarfield Plantation, Paw Paw Plantation, Victoria Plantation, Gold Point Plantation, Soda Fount Plantation, Cairo Plantation, Fire Point Plantation, Corner Place Plantation, Hurricane Bluff Plantation, Kansas Plantation, Kirloney Plantation, Thanksgiving Plantation, Congo Plantation, Cavette Plantation, Cleveland Plantation, Possum Walk Plantation, All’s Well Plantation, Wild Lucia Plantation, Lakeland Plantation, Lucas Plantation, Caspiana Plantation, La Chute Plantation, Indian mounds, Gilliam, Belcher, Dixie, Red River, Foster & Glassell, Shreveport riverfront, Shreveport-Texarkana railroad, Belcher Presbyterian Church, Dixon home, tenants, share-croppers, agriculture, the Great Depression, New Deal, cotton gins, Hicks Company, Glassell-Hicks, Caddo Parish, Bossier Parish, Frierson, World War II, D-Day, Iwo Jima, D. D. O’Brien, Shreveport society, real estate.

Persons associated with the interview include: William E. Glassell, Sr., John Glassell Jane Adger, John Adger, Dora Bell, Alfred Glassell, Clyde Connell, Huey Long, Russell Long, William McLloyd Comegys, Jr., Clarence Webb, Walter Hawkins, Dan Logan.

Glorioso, Jodi - OH151.

Goff, J. S. - OH31. July 24, 1978. Recollections of district manager of Social Security Administration Office in Shreveport about Anti-Huey Long activity in New Orleans and specifically on the famous DeSoto Hotel meetings prior to Long’s assassination. Also includes biographical information on Goff.

Topics association with the interview include: Liberty Leage, National Recover Act, and Anti-Long politics.

Persons associated with the interview include: Norma Bower, Cleveland Dean, Crawford Ellis, Edward A. Filine, Edward J. Gay, B. H. Hodges, Herbert Hoover, Winston Linam, Dr. Urban Maes, W. P. Obier, William Paley, John M. Parker, Dr. Jimmy Reeves, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Max Shawnberger, Don Thornberg, Ed Von Tres, Dr. Carl Weiss, Oscar Whilder, T. Harry Williams.

Grabill, William B. - OH118. February 10, 24, March 4, 10, 24, June 4, 1993. Series of five interviews with William Grabill, long-time Shreveport photographer and aviator.

Topics discussed include: Village of South Highlands, Barrett School, Aviation, "Jenny" JN4 biplane, Querbes and Bourquin Insurance Company, World War II, Camp Beauregard, glass plates, "Brownie" camera, Kodak, Cross Lake, Speed Graphic camera, Polaroid, Film Arbor Studio, Milburn Studio, Dickson Studio, oil boom, Shreveport Journal, aerial photography, Howard airplane, Piper Cub, Greenwood airport, Delta Airlines, Broadmoor Field, Steere Field, Texaco Airport, TWA, Caddo oil fields, underwater drilling, aerial mapping, Texas Eastern Transmission, Red River, eminent domain, Quiet Birdmen, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

Persons associated with the interview include: Burch E. Grabill, Fletcher Grabill, Arthur O’Quinn, Jim Hampson, Art Carmody, Currey Sanders, Van Lear Leary, Elmer Carr.

Graham, Phyllis B. - OH157.

Gras, Justin - OH61.

Greene, Dallas (Fire Chief) - OH111. September 6, 1989. Interview with Chief Dallas Greene of the Shreveport Fire Department.

Topics discussed include: Shreveport Fire Department, Central Fire Station, fire extinguishers, Civil Defense, Sanborn Map Co., fire insurance companies, fire hose, volunteer fire departments, fire plugs, race relations, women firefighters, ambulance service, hazardous materials, Local Emergency Preparedness Association, Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Gremillion, Father Joseph - OH131. October 20, 1978. Interview with founder of the Friendship House in Shreveport, LA.

Topics discussed include: Friendship House, civil rights, desegregation, St. Joseph’s Parish, Shreveport Journal.

Persons associated with the interview include: Betty Schneider, Paul O’Brien, Bernard Wise, Crawford Fullilove, Joe and Ethel Daniel, Joe and Alice Holoubek, Tom Fitzgerald, Anne Foley, Mary Dolan, Larry Pausback, Thurgood Marshall, Cardinal John Wright, Don Ewing, George Shannon.

Griffin, Bob - OH137. Transcript only. November 21, 1991. Interview with long-time sportscaster at KSLA-TV Channel 12, the CBS affiliate in Shreveport, LA.

Topics discussed include: Dallas Cowboys, “Bob and His Buddies,” Louisiana Downs, Shreveport Journal, KSLA-TV, Junior High Quiz Bowl, travel writing, Shreveport Little Theatre, community theatre.

Persons associated with the interview include: Jim Hobbs, Dave McClelland, Doug Ginn, Ken Bausch, Joe Barbar, and Jim Wollack, Winston Linum, Don Owen, Douglas Attaway, Jack Fiezer, Irv Zeidman, Clyde Fant, John Wray Young, Mary Margaret Young, Vannie Edwards.

Interviewers: Selena Spicer, Bobby White.

Gruber, Charles (Police Chief) - OH136. June 6, 1990. Interview with Shreveport, LA, Police Chief.

Topics discussed include: U. S. Marine Corps, Shreveport Police Department, professionalism, race relations, sting operations, narcotics, Cedar Grove Riot, gun control.

Persons associated with the interview include: George D’Artois, Mayor John B. Hussey, Bubba Harden, Cliff Heap, Edward McKinney, John Graber.

Gunning, Stedman - OH60. June 18, 1981; June 25, 1981. Interview pertains to the early history of KWKH, particularly the various innovations in technology and programming. There is considerable information on the founder-owner, W. K. Henderson, a variety of political and business personalities, and some social history of Shreveport.

Topics associated with the interviews include: Bowes Olmstead Meter Machine, Federal Radio Commission, Fort Knox, Gannett Company, Henderson Iron Works, Henderson Land and Timber Investment Company, Hutchinson Brothers Building, Kennonwood, KTBS, KVOO, KWEA, KWKH, Louisiana politics, North Caddo Citizen, Postal Telegraph Co., Shreveport Churches, Shreveport Schools, The (Shreveport) Times, Alexandria Town Talk, and Western Electric Company.

Persons associated with the interview include: W. E. Anthony, Ray Bartlett, Arthur Bozeman, Robert Brothers, Paul Crawford, Jimmie Davis, Mary Dingle, Dr. M. E. Dodd, the Duncan Sisters, John D. Ewing, Inez Furness, Dr. Lillian Hall, Josie Carter Henderson, W. K. Henderson, Jr., W. K. Henderson,Sr., Sam Hunter, Van Lear Leary, Mae Henderson Leonard, W. P. Leonard, Phillip Lieber, Earl Long, Huey Long, Julius Long, Louis Love, Vern Marshall, John MCCormick, Joe McCormick, Joe Messina, Frank Page, Lawrence Raul, B. G. Robinson (KTHS, Little Rock), Don Sarton, Bob Schiffley, Gerald L. K. Smith, Bill Stern, Goodloe Stuck, Judge Eugene O. Sykes, Ivey Watson, and Roscoe White.

Hamiter, Joseph Busbey - OH33. June 19, 1978. Recollections of former Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Topics associated with this interview include: Barksdale Field, Poll Taxes, Rodessa Oil Field.

Persons associated with the interview include: Harney Bogan, Huey Long, Cecil Morgan, and J. Y. Sanders.

Hardy, Dr. Mac - OH167.

Hathaway, Sheriff Donald - OH98, OH169. December 1986. Interview with then Caddo Parish Sheriff Don Hathaway and Deputy Chief Milton Almond.

Topics discussed include: U.S. Supreme Court decisions (Miranda, etal), law enforcement training, correctional facilities, and victims’ assistance fund.

Hefley, Edwin - OH38. September 27, 1979. Recollections concerning early aviation in the Shreveport area and commercial aviation.

Topics pertain to: B-24, Bellanca Skyrocket, Continental Oil Company, Eight Place Stinson, Ford Motor Company, Hudson Gas and Oil, Lockheed 10E, P-38, Rapid Airlines, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Ryan Brougham Airplane, Schacher, Shannon Museum, Shreveport Downtown Airport, and United Gas.

Persons associated with the interview include: Jimmy Barwick, John Ewing, Henry Ford I, Henry Ford II, Red Gray, Russell Haley, Walter Haley, Hal Henning, Claude Isor, Jesse Jones, Van Leary, Charles Lindbergh, Harvey McClain, N. C. McGowen, Richard Norton, Bud O’Neil, Curry Sander.

Hill, Dr. Samuel L. - OH121. November 12, 1990. Interview with local doctor.

Topics discussed include: Shreveport Charity Hospital, antibiotics and sulfa drugs, penicillin, Willis-Knighton Clinic, Tri-State Hospital, Shreveport Medical Society, medical specialization, advertising, State Medical Society, LAMICCO, post-World War II, medical technology.

Persons associated with the interview include: Jim Elrod, Jim Campbell.

Hussey, John - OH141. May 9, 23; June 13, 27, 1995. Interviews with John B. Hussey, mayor of Shreveport (LA), 1982-1990.

Topics discussed include: Louisiana Conservation Commission, Southfield School, radio programs, World War II, Good Government Committee, city government, oil business, Louisiana state budget, mayoral elections, Shreveport Women’s Commission, capitol improvements, Shreveport bond rating, water supply, Shreveport Sesquicentennial, Belden Daniels Stud, Shreveport economic planning, 911 system, Cedar Grove Riot, Municipal Auditorium, bond issues, sales tax, riverfront development, riverboats, gaming, Harrah’s, Schumpert Hospital, LSUS.

Persons associated with the interview include: John Brennan Hussey, Robert Gregory Hussey, Katherine Elizabeth Hussey Fredrickson, Roger Earl Hussey, Dennis Michael Hussey, Earl Long, Jack Dykes, Bill Bush, James Gardner, Bill Hanna, Don Hathaway, Jimmy Wilson, Buddy Roemer, Jim Gardner, Herman Farr, Don Williamson, Gus Mijalis, Jo Reid, Stan Tiner, Dave Treen, Clyde Fant, Buddy Leach, Peter Ramsey, Edwin Edwards, Cliff Heap, Chuck Gruber, Stu Bach, Judy Purgerson, Hazel Beard, Jim Keyes, Charles Grub, Henry Burns, Bo Williams, Roy Cary, Andrew Currie, L. E. Thomas, Don Jones.

Included with the transcript are three editorials related to Hussey’s mayoral terms, and fourteen speeches or articles he wrote while in office (1982-1990).

Jimes, Dr. Syvestian - OH161.

Jinks, Robert - OH30. November 9, 1978. Interview centers on folklore, customs, and life in Northwest Louisiana around the turn of the (20th) century.

Topics associated with the interview are: Children’s games, city government, clothing, courting, education, farming, fire building, food preparation, gambling houses, hunting medicine, musical instruments, religion, revivals, saloons, square dances, and transportation.

John Birch Society - OH73. March 13, 1982

Jones, Carl (1895- ) - OH9. September 21, 1977. Interview with roughneck and driller in the exploration and development of the early oil industry in the Ark-La-Tex.

Topics include early drilling, financing, and marketing, Irish labor, offshore drilling in Caddo Lake, pearl diving in Caddo Lake, Trees City, Oil City, Dresser Industries, Walter D. George, Howard Hughes, Sims Barnwell, Sr., Hughes Drilling Bit, Harold No. 7 blowout (photos in LSUS Archives).

Jordan, Robert 'Bob' H. - OH172. July 23, 2009. Recollections concerning All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Shreveport.

Topics discussed include: Unitarianism, music at All Souls.

Persons associated with the interview include: Barbara Jarrell, Bart Gould, Lynn Oglesby, Roger [Christian], Chester Kelley.

Kelly, Charles W., IV - OH89. September 10, 1986. One of a series of interviews with Vietnam War veterans conducted by a graduate student at LSUS.

Topics discussed include: Cu Chi, My Lai, the Tet Offensive, III Corps (headquartered at Fort Hood, Texas, a major formation of the United States Army Forces Command), and the 27th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, 2nd Battalion in Vietnam.

See related material in An oral history of Vietnam veterans in Shreveport and Bossier, LB2369.1987 .B54 in Noel Library.

Kent, David - OH52. October 7, 1976. Subject of the interview is the country music program, Louisiana Hayride, broadcast from Shreveport over KWKH radio, focusing on the programming and internal operations of KWKH.

Topics associated with the interview include: Grand Ole Opera, Hayride U.S.A., KWKH, Louisiana Hayride, and Southern Maid Donut Shop.

Persons associated with the interview include: Paul Howard, Frank Page, Elvis Presley, Sammy Smith, Hank Williams.

Kessler, Alvin - OH72. July 14, 1981 and July 27, 1981. Alvin Kessler was active in the development and support of LSUS prior to its introduction in the Louisiana Legislature in 1964. Interview pertains to Kessler’s involvement in the early history of LSU-Shreveport and specifically addresses the community’s relationship to the school.

Topics associated with the interview include: Barksdale AFB Graduate Program at LaTech, LSUS buildings, Citizen’s Advisory Committee, Civil Rights Legislation, Consortium Committee, Louisiana State Board of Education, Louisiana State Board of Regents, LSU Alumni Association, LSU Board of Supervisors, LSU-Eunice, MBA Program, Northwestern State University, Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, Shreveport Times, South Central Bell Telephone, Southern University.

Persons associated with the interview include: R. M. Allen, Dr. William Arceneaux, Walter Bigby, Dr. E. Grady Bogue, Dr. Gary Brashier, John Bright, Major Brock, Howard Bronson, William H. Bronson, Algie Brown, Bo Campbell, Sen. Foster Campbell, Sen. Jackson B. Davis, Jesse Dean, John Doles, Rep. Forrest Dunn, J. E. (Sonny) Dunn, Gov. Edwin Edwards, Don Ewing, Mrs. H. F. Falbaum, Gordon Flores, Frank Fulco, James Gardner, Dr. John Gordon Hall, Mayor Bill Hanna, Dr. William Holt, Dr. David Horner, Dr. A. J. Howell, James Huckaby, Alphonse Jackson, Mrs. Beatrice James, Don Kelly, Mrs. Lloyd Lenard, Joe LeSage, Dr. Vince Marsala, Mary Ann McBride, Ray McDaniel, Gen. Troy Middleton, Sen. Harold Montgomery, Dr. Tom Moss, Irvin Muslow, Sen. Sydney Nelson, Enoch Nix, B. F. O’Neal, Dr. L. C. Pendleton, Mickey Prestridge, Robert Pugh, Charles Roemer, Tom Ruffin, Aaron Selber, Virginia Shehee, Dr. Donald Shipp, Steve Simon, Ford Stinson, Dr. Bob Tabarlet, Mrs. Fabia Thomas, Todd Tillman, Rep. Joe Waggonner, Dr. Donald A. Webb, W. E. Whetstone, Dr. Don Wilcox, Sen. Don Williamson, Dr. Martin E. Woodin, Donald Zadeck.

Killgore, J. C., Camp Meetings in NW La. - OH80. August 23, 1984. Interview by Goodloe Stuck on the subject of life in a single pen log house in north Louisiana.

King, Anne - OH162.

Lampkin, Dr. Loretta - OH164.

Larmoyeux, Mrs. Pearl (Victor): Shreveport Symphony - OH67. May 19, 1981. Interview pertains to early attempts to start a symphony orchestra in Shreveport.

Topics discussed include: Centenary College, Four Square Bible Class Orchestra, Line Avenue School.

Persons associated with the interview include: Mike Bath (M. L. Bath Co.), Marie Beene, Joe Bond, W. T. Davis, Bob Ehrhardt, Steve Grunhardt, Bob Hogan, Axel Johansen, McIntyre Leary, Dr. Raymond Mays, Hardy O’Neal, Seldon Senter, Dean Smith, Lester Somers, Ralph Squires, Vernon Stranger, Lalia White, Nena Wideman, Joanna Hanger Wood, Lou Woods.

Leary, Paris - OH94. March 30, 1988. Interview with British poet Paris Leary.

Topics discussed include: Anglicanism, Centenary College, The Innocent Curate, Lambeth Quadrilateral (the four essentials agreed upon at the Lambeth Conference of 1888 for a United Christian Church, namely, the Holy Scriptures, the Apostles' Creed, the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion, and the historic episcopate), Oz books, poetry, The Snake at Saffron Walden, and University of Leicester, England.

Persons associated with the interview include: L. Frank Baum, Mary Adair Brown, Don Brown, Glen Cavaliero, Bryant Davidson, G. S. Frazer, Mary Willis Shuey, and Donald Thomas.

spacerCollection 202 Paris Leary (1931- ) Collection, 1940s-1985

Leary, A. McIntyre - OH126.

Lerner, W. Zolley: Shreveport Symphony - OH68. August 27, 1981. Interview pertains to Lerner’s years as stage director of the Shreveport Symphony Repertory Company and includes a brief biographical sketch of Zolley Lerner, who was a nationally successful theatrical personality and successful businessman.

Topics discussed include: Atomic bomb, Centenary College Chorus, Ford Foundation, Opera (La Boheme) for children, Red Path Chautauqua Circuit, Shreveport Symphony Repertory Company, Twentieth Century Fox, World War II.

Persons associated with the interview include: Lucy Bond, Ken Dooley, Jasmine Egan, Carlisle Floyd, Ann Hagens, Hall Lyons, Inez Marceau, Edwin McClure, James Hull Miller, Dominique Modesti, Marilyn Monroe, Ernie Pyle, "D. G." Scales, Pattie Thigpen, Cecelia Ward.

Lincove, Dan - OH103. May 18, 1989.

Topics discussed include: Jewish immigrants, Agudith Achim synagogue, Greek community, ethnic discrimination, Texas Avenue, Germany, World War II, "the Jewish problem," U.S.S. St. Louis, Holocaust, B’nai Zion Temple, Israel, Zionism, Sephardic Jews, intermarriage, retail apparel business.

Persons associated with the interview include: Samuel Wiener and William Wiener, Sr., the Cush family, Abraham Brill, David Lefkowitz, Leo Brener, Louis Gerstien, Rabbi Moskowitz.

Logan, Dan, Sr. - OH102. March 25, 1982; September 3, 8, 17, 1987. Dan P. Logan was a long-time, successful cotton farmer in Caddo Parish and an appointee to the Caddo Parish Levee Board.

Topics discussed include: sharecropping, levee boards, Red River Waterways, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Dully Lake, Lafayette County, Arkansas; Bossier Parish, Rocky Mount community, Benton, Havana Plantation, Egypt Plantation, Gilliam, Louisiana; railroads, cotton compresses, wholesale merchants, Louisiana Experiment Stations, Delta Airlines, Soil Conservation Service, Logan Cotton Company, Gilliam Gin Company, the Great Depression.

Persons associated with the interview include: John Adger, C. C. McCrory, James Sevier Conway, Norman Efferson, Bill Belcher, Clint Belcher, Norwood Belcher, Seaman Knapp, John Caldwell, T. J. Caldwell, H. B. Brown, John Glassell.

spacerCollection 327 Dan Logan Papers, 1938-1991. These papers include notes, drafts, correspondence, photographs and slides regarding cotton farming in Caddo Parish.

Logan, Horace (1916-2002)- OH5. October 13, 1976. Central topic is the Louisiana Hayride country music program broadcast over KWKH radio station in Shreveport. Horace Logan played a key role in the development of one of the most influential of all country radio shows, The Louisiana Hayride. Known as "The Cradle of the Stars", it was instrumental in furthering the careers of Hank Williams, Slim Whitman, Jim Reeves, George Jones, Johnny Horton, and Elvis Presley, among others.

Topics include KWKH, Louisiana Hayride Network, Grand Ole Opry, Ray Bartlette, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Frank Page, Webb Pierce, Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, B. G. Robertson, Fabor Robinson, Dean Upson, Slim Whitman, Hank Williams, Farron Young.

Long, Earl --Tapes (copies) - OH81.

Louisiana Architects Association. Heritage Collection - OH49. 1972. Series of fourteen interviews with prominent Louisiana Architects.

49-01 Joseph Bernard. New Orleans architect and preservationist. He helped save Destrehan Plantation from demolition and was part of the campaign against the French Quarter riverfront expressway. Appointed to the Vieux Carré Commission in 1970.

49-02 Collins Diboll. New Orleans Architect for whom present day Collins C. Diboll Circle is named.

49-03 F. Julius Dreyfuss. Co-founder of Weiss and Dreyfous Architects in New Orleans.

49-04 G. Lewis Dunn. In October, 1935, Gustave G. Quinn, a native of Natchez, Mississippi, and G. Lewis Dunn formed Dunn & Quinn, Architects in Lake Charles, Louisiana. In the early years of the firm their projects included remodeling and additions, municipal projects, and residences. After World War II, Dunn & Quinn designed many of Southwest Louisiana’s most significant buildings and residences.

49-05 Arthur Feitel (1891-1982). New Orleans architect.

49-06 Moise Goldstein (1882-1972). New Orleans architect.

49-07 Richard C. Murrell. Charter member of the Baton Rouge AIA.

49-08 Solis Siefert. Partner in architectural firm that designed St. Bernard Parish courthouse, Louisiana State Capitol, and Charity Hospital in New Orleans (1930s).

49-09 D. Curtis Smith.

49-10 Dewey A. Somdal. Shreveport architect, partner in Nield & Somdal, predecessor of Somdal Associates.

49-11 Seymour Van Os. Shreveport architect. Partner of Clarence King and Wiener brothers. Designed Old Agudath Achim Synagogue, 1707 Line Avenue, and many other modernist and international style buildings and residences.

49-12 Sam Wiener. Shreveport architect, distinguished in modernist, international, and Bauhaus design locally and nationally, including Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. Many of his drawings are preserved in LSUS Archives.

49-13 William B. Wiener. Shreveport architect. Brother and professional partner of Sam Wiener.

49-14 Sam Wilson. New Orleans architect.

Louisiana Gubernatorial Election, 1960 - OH26. Interviews conducted by Prof. Glen Jeansonne in preparation for the book Race, Religion, & Politics: The LA Gubernatorial Elections, 1959-60.

Interviewees include: Mr. Fred Blance, husband of Lucille Mae Grace; Gov. Jimmie Davis; William J. Dodd, Willie Rainach, and Ed Reed, journalist and public relations consultant.

Lyons, Charlton H., Jr. - OH143. August 17, 2004. Interview with C. H. Lyons, Jr., prominent Shreveport businessman and oilman, relating to the Lyons family, Shreveport, and north Louisiana.

Topics discussed include: Havard family, Stafford family, Pollock (La), Wiener family, Weiss family, South Highlands, World War II, Great Depression, radio, KOZY, KOKA, Homer (La) oilfield, Lyons Petroleum, politics, city government, economic growth, McCarthy era, amusements, Barksdale, Marjorie Lyons Playhouse, Little Theatre.

Persons associated with the interview include: Charlton H. Lyons, Sr., Marjorie Lyons, Hall Lyons, W. P. Prentiss, Charles T. McCord, George Lyons Logan, E. L. (Gene) Hilliard, Clyde Fant, Victor Bussie, Willie Best, Joe Gifford.

Lyons, Laurie - OH174.

Maino, Melba Fullilove - OH149. August 26, 2004. Interview with Fullilove family historian regarding north Louisiana and the Fullilove family.

Topics discussed include: Fullilove family, Bossier Parish, Dodd College, Shreveport Training School for Girls, Fullilove Plantation, Keatchie, customs, Great Depression, movie theaters (Shreveport, La), YMCA, Japan, Four Forks cemetery, African-Americans, Kenneth Lay, Heritage Society (Houston, Tx), First Methodist Church (Shreveport, La).

People associated with the interview include: Genevieve Holmes Fullilove, Henry Fullilove, J. Hill Fullilove, Evline Gilbert Fullilove, George Maino, Irene Sibley, James Carmichael, Dr. T. J. Holmes.

Manry, Ardis - OH77. February 23, 1982, March 19, 1982, April 29, 1982, & June 22, 1982. Series of interviews relating to North Louisiana history with specific reference to the history of Bossier Parish and the Red River.

Topics discussed include: Washington, Arkansas Archives, Atlanta Journal, Atlanta New Era newspaper, Bellview, Louisiana, Benton, Louisiana, Bossier Banner, Bossier Parish, Leonard Journal, Plain Dealing, Louisiana, Shreveport Times, Sibley Country Store, Steamboat Southwestern, and The Printer’s Devil (book on southwest Arkansas).

People associated with the interview include: Stephen F. Austin, Dr. Sam Bard, Sam Dison, Tom Dockery, Dutch John Miller, Sam Houston, Mary Maderes, and Ben Milam.

Marshall Family - OH171.

McCleary, William - OH101. June 1988, January and April 1989. Interview with Associate Librarian at LSU-Shreveport.

Topics discussed include: LSU-Shreveport, Centenary College, U.S. Marine Corps, Caddo Parish schools, United Gas, Shreveport Writers Club, Cedar Grove, Holy Cross Episcopal Church.

McFarland, Claude R., RE: Trees, Louisiana - OH70. March 18, 1982. Interview pertains specifically to a building in Trees that served as a bank and also the office for an oil company. (Trees was the site of one of the first oil strikes in Caddo Parish.)

McFarland, Claude - OH114. January 7, 1987. Interview with pioneer in the oil industry in northwest Louisiana by Dr. Lillian J. Hall, Prof. of Speech Communication at LSUS. Not transcribed.

McGuire, Mary Evelyn Bell - OH152.

McMahon, C. B. - OH21. April 24, 1976. Recollections of resident of the American Northwest in the first quarter of the 20th century, World War I, world travel, various career ventures, history of "pipe line flying," a new concept in inspecting pipe lines.

Topics associated with this interview include: Barnstorming, 1920-1925, Cattle drives and ranching, Cowboy life, Early days of aviation, homesteading, Northern Pacific Railroad and Land Company, Pipe Line Flying, Ranch life, Range cattle industry, Royal Canadian Air Force, Sheep ranching, and Montana wildlife.

Meyer, Henry - OH97. April 11 & 12, 1988. Interview with long-time associate at United Gas Corporation and later Pennzoil.

Topics discussed include: World War II, United Gas Corporation, early computers at United Gas, oil drilling, corporate planning, business publishing, American Management Association, Shreveport culture, race relations, social classes, and the Tarshar society.

Persons associated with the interview include: Carol Meyer, Elliot Organick, and D. T. MacRoberts.

Miller, James H. - OH34. June 22, 1978. Recollections of James Hull Miller, designer of Marjorie Lyons Playhouse at Centenary College in Shreveport, concerning this theater and the cultural climate in Shreveport during the 1950s and 1960s. Miller designed 50 other theaters nationwide.

Topic associated with this interview include: Arts Lab, Centenary College, Marjorie Lyons Playhouse, Shreveport Arts Community, Staging, and Summer Theater.

Persons associated with the interview include: Bob Buseick, Joe Gifford, Marie Gifford, Charlton H. Lyons, Sr. and Marjorie Lyons, Hall Lyons, and John Wray Young.

Minor, Mrs. James - OH148.

Mischler, M. E. - OH87. October 5, 1988. Interview with M. E. Mischler, former director of the Shreveport Metropolitan YMCA from the 1950s into the 1970s.

Topics discussed include: Caddo Council on Aging, Camp Forbing, Camp LASSA, Carver YMCA, Chicago in the 1930s, George Williams College, Louisiana Sunday School Association, YMCA College in Chicago.

Persons associated with the interview include: Milton Fletcher, John Gaddi, Rev. Claude L. Jones, John R. Mott, Elvis Presley, M. R. Shelton, and James E. Smitherman.

Misra, Dr. Raghunath P. and Therese - OH173. July 8, 2009. Recollections concerning All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Shreveport.

Topics discussed include: health issues in India, LSU Health Science Center in Shreveport, All Souls Unitarian Universalist church, Unitarian origins, comparative religion.

Persons associated with the interview include: Burton Carley, Bart Gould, Barbara Jarrell, Lynn Oglesby, and Chester Kelley.

Moellenkamp, E. W. - OH35. July 10, 1979. Recollections concerning aspects of growing up in Shreveport at the turn of the century as the son of a German immigrant and operator of Milam Street bakery.

Topics associated with the interview include: Automobiles, Milam Street Bakery, Builders Supply Co., cattle raising, churches, Dillinger Grocery, Draughons Business School, ethnic groups, German immigrants, Grand Opera House, Red Rock Liquor Store, schools, steamboats, streets, World War I.

Persons associated with the interview include: Justin Gras, Huey Long, Rose Long, Russell Long, Al G. Fields (minstrel), Andrew Querbes, Franklin Roosevelt.

Monk, Elder Reuben - OH105. May 13, 1987. Interview with Elder Reuben R. Monk regarding the Primitive Baptist church in Louisiana.

Topics discussed include: Primitive Baptists, Landmark Baptists, Missionary Baptists, Southern Baptists, Fuller Baptists, Louisiana Baptist Association, and Absoluters.

Persons associated with the interview include: Senator Rhodes. Lelon Swanner.

Moore, L. Frank - OH86. October 11, 1988. Interview with Shreveport businessman, L. Frank Moore.

Topics include: Shreveport's Committee of One Hundred, Frymaster Corporation, industrial development in the 1950s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Shreveport Manufacturing Managers’ Council, Sunbeam Corporation, Welmoore Corporation, and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Persons associated with the interview include: Bob Dunkleman, Hershel Herring, and Travis Schermerhorn.

Moore, Mrs. Waldo - OH28. October 11, 1975; March 13, 1979. Recollections of Mrs. Waldo Moore, first woman from Caddo Parish elected to the Louisiana State Legislature.

Topics associated with this interview include: Act 163 of 1938, Anti-Fraternity Sorority Bill, Chalmette Park Bill HB 169, Charitable Institutions of Public Welfare, Civil Service Bill, House Registration and Election Laws Committee, House of Representatives 1940-44.

Individuals associated with the interview include: J. Fair Hardin and J. Frank Looney.

spacerCollection 713 Beatrice Hawthorne Moore Collection, 1936-1990

Morgan, Cecil - OH19. March 14, 1977. Recollections of Louisiana politics back to the turn of the (20th) century. More specifically it relates to the Long/Anti-Long struggle, the impeachment of Huey Long and its aftermath. It also includes a brief interview with Harney Bogan.

Topics associated with this interview include: Anti-Long Delegation, Barksdale Air Force Base, Baton Rouge Refinery, Central Trades & Labor Council, City Hall, 1920s, "Dynamite Squad", Factionalism Post Reconstruction, Farm Problems 1900-1925, Good Government League, Governor’s Election 1924, Highway Legislation, Impeachment, State Elections 1928, 1930, Long/Anti-Long Factionalism, Machine Politics, New Orleans politics, Organized Labor, Privilege Tax, Round Robin, Senatorial Election 1932, Shreveport 1920s, Prohibition, Red Light District, Red Scare, Shreveport Journal, Shreveport Times, Standard Oil Co., Textbook Issue.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Conway Allen, O.K. Allen, W. T. Bennett, Newton Blanchard, Yandell Boatner, Harney Bogan, Norman Bauer, Victor Bussie, Willis Butler, Reuben Douglas, Allen Ellender, John Ewing, John Fournet, Cleveland Fruge, Henry L. Fuqua, Luther E. Hall, Pike Hall, Joe Hamiter, Leonard Hargrove, William Wright Heard, W. K. Henderson, Hughes Clark, Richard Leche, Earl Long, Huey Long, Russell Long, W. J. McClanahan, Charlie Manship, Howell Morgan, Charles A. O'Neill, John Parker, George Perrault, Ruffin Pleasant, J. Y. Sanders, Clinton Sayes, Oramel H. Simpson, Gerald L. K. Smith, Mason Spencer, Seymour Weiss, Scott Wilkinson, and Lige Williams.

Morgan, Cecil - OH37. July 1979. Interview conducted by Glen Jeansonne during research on Gerald L. K. Smith and Huey Long.

Topics associated with the interview include: Deduct box, Feliciana Parishes, Louisiana Hayride, LSU, Railroad Commission, Round Robin, Standard Oil Company, Win or Lose Oil Corporation.

Persons associated with the interview include: Harney Bogan, Hornet T. Caines, Bob Conway, Henry L. Fuqua, Luther Egbert Hall, Sam Jones, Richard Leche, Huey Long, Rose Long, Russell Long, Robert J. O'Neil, John M. Parker, Ruffin G. Pleasant, Theodore Roosevelt, J. Y. Sanders, Abraham Shushan, Gerald L. K. Smith, George Wallace, Seymour Weiss, and T. Harry Williams.

Mosley, Mattie J. - OH176.

National Endowment for the Humanities: Historians of Louisiana Project - OH46. This is a series of interviews with Louisiana historians concerning their experiences and philosophy of collecting historical material through oral history.

46-1 Richard B. Allen. December 8, 1978. Richard B. Allen was Curator of the William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane University.

46-2 Dr. Tom Arceneaux. February 2, 1979. Tom Arceneaux was a teacher in West Baton Rouge Parish who directed a program for students to interview their family members and members of their community about each student’s personal heritage.

46-3 Tom Becnel. October 10, 1978. Associate Professor of History at Nichols State University, who used oral histories for research on wildlife and fisheries.

46-4 L. Marie Currie. 1978. Historical researcher for the Houma Indians, Dulac, Louisiana, working on assignment for Mennonite Central Committee, a voluntary agency of the Menonite and Brethren in Christ Churches of Pennsylvania.

46-5 Sue Eakin. September 11, 1978. Eakin's best known work is an edited 1968 version of the slave diary by Solomon Northup: Twelve Years a Slave: And Plantation Life in the Antebellum South. Northup was a free black man from Saratoga, New York, who was captured into slavery in 1841 and brought to Louisiana. The book is considered one of the best firsthand accounts of slave life in existence. She co-authored with her sister, Manie L. Culbertson, the textbook Louisiana: The Land and Its People.

46-6 Margery Freeman. December 19, 1978. At the time of the interview, Margery Freeman was the coordinator of the St. Marks’ Community Center Ethnic Heritage Project in New Orleans, who conducted an oral history project in the Treme/7th Ward Community beginning in October, 1977. She saw oral history as a way of connecting young people (middle schoolers) with their heritage.

46-7 Professor Hiram F. “Pete” Gregory. August 22, 1978. Associate Professor of Anthropology at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches. Worked with Louisiana Indian communities beginning in the early 1960s, particularly the Tunica Tribe in Marksville, Louisiana.

46-8 Dr. Edward Haas. September 1, 1978. Professor of History at Centenary College in Shreveport regarding interviews for his book on Mayor deLesseps Morrison of New Orleans.

46-9 Collin B. Hamer, Jr. November 2, 1978. Head of Louisiana Division of New Orleans Public Library regarding early oral history recordings (1930s and 1940s) in the New Orleans Public Library.

46-10 Dr. Joy Jackson. November 20, 1978. Professor of History at Southeastern University in Hammond, Louisiana, regarding Times-Picayune Dixie Roto Magazine Stories written from 1951-1954.

46-11 Dr. Glen Jeansonne. September 7, 1978. Asst. Prof. of History, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, regarding oral histories for books he has written or edited such as: Leander Perez: Boss of the Delta (1977), Gerald L. K. Smith: Minister of Hate (1988), Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression (1993), Transformation and Reaction: American, 1921-1945 (1994), and Women of the Far Right: The Mother’s Movement and World War II.

46-12 Dr. Michael Kurtz. October 31, 1978. Professor of History at Southeastern University at Hammond. Kurtz did a lot of research on the Kennedy assassination.

46-13 Dr. John L. Loos. December 1978. Professor and Chairman, Department of History, LSU Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Talks about oral history as it related to his research for his book, Oil Onstream: A History of Interstate Oil Pipeline Company, 1909 to 1959.

46-14 John Price. Release signed May 18, 1980. Price was at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches. His comments relate more to the cataloging and storage of oral histories more than his personal use of them.

46-15 Dorothy Schlesinger. August 22, 1978. Mrs. A. L. Schlesinger, Jr. of New Orleans was chairman of the Oral History Project of the Friends of the Cabildo, a volunteer group with the Louisiana State Museum and in conjunction with the special collections at Tulane University.

46-16 Goodloe Stuck. July 30, 1978. Local amateur historian involved with the Junior League in establishing the Pioneer Heritage Program on the LSUS campus.

46-17 Dr. Bennett H. Wall. November 8, 1978. Author of several books including Growth in a changing environment : a history of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), Exxon Corporation, 1950-1975 and several editions of Louisiana History textbooks.

46-18 Merna Whitley. October 5, 1978. Library assistant and oral history transcriber in Archives and Manuscripts at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

46-19 Dr. T. Harry Williams. March 6, 1979. Professor of History at LSU in Baton Rouge, whose career began in 1941, perhaps best known for his American Civil War study, Lincoln and His Generals, a "Book of the Month" selection from 1952, and his Huey Long, the definitive 1969 study of Huey Pierce Long, Jr., winner of both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize, and namesake of the T. Harry Williams Oral History Center at LSU Baton Rouge.

Nelson, Senator Sydney B. - OH108. July 31, 1989. Interview with Louisiana state senator.

Topics discussed include: First Methodist Church, Bossier City, campaign finance, senate campaign, Louisiana politics, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, LSU-Shreveport, LSU-Shreveport Health Science Center, "scientific creationism," creationism law, forced heirship law, school prayer, unemployment compensation, Worker’s Compensation, Professional Improvement Program for teachers.

Persons associated with interview include: George G. Nelson, Bossier Parish tax assessor; John Wolcott, David Treen, Victor Bussie, Ed Steimel, Bill Keith, Frances Pecora, Edwin Edwards, and Buddy Roemer.

spacerCollection 414 Sydney B. Nelson Legislative Papers, 1980-1992.

O'Neal, Hardy - OH100. February 8, 1989.

Topics discussed include Shreveport history, Fairgrounds, Engleside subdivision, Caddo Parish Schools, black schools, Dodd College, World War II, U. S. Navy, YMCA, Distributive Education, international travel, early commercial airlines, early circuses, Louisiana State Fair, train service to Shreveport, and residential developments.

Persons associated with the interview include: Arno Halbfass, Ernest Haag, Elmer and J. Augustus Jones, William Hirsch, A. C. Steere, Manny Bodenheimer, Willie Best, Betty Goldstein.

O'Neal, Hardy - OH59. June 16, 1981. Hardy O'Neal was a Shreveport native who graduated from the old Shreveport High School in its last year. He worked in business administration with Caddo Parish Schools until 1959 when he got into the travel business. He was involved in many civic and arts enterprises, including Shreveport Association for the Blind and Shreveport Symphony Orchestra. The purpose of this interview was to provide background for a series of interviews about major musical and cultural groups in Shreveport.

Topics associated with the interview include: Arno Travel Service, Author's Club, Marjorie Lyons Theater, Mendelssohn Choral Club, Red River Valley Association, Rettig's Band, Shreveport Association for the Blind, Shreveport Community Concerts, Shreveport Little Theater, Shreveport Symphony, Shrine Band, Spring Street Museum, Summer Theater, and the Women's Department Club.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Louise Alley, Clifton E. Byrd, Penn Courtney, Mrs. Glenn Flournoy, Joe Gifford, Arno Halbfass, Mr. and Mrs. E. Weldon Jones, Mrs. McIntyre Leary, James Noel, Sam Rayburn, Mrs. Rolwing, Armand Roos, Dave Roos, Mrs. Rosenblath, Elizabeth Cunningham Salassi, John Shenaut, Mrs. James (Barbara) Turner, Polly Waldron, and Roscoe White.

Olschner, Clarence - OH58. April 12, 1980. Interview with prominent Shreveport architect, partner of Nield, Somdal, Clarence King, Seymour Van Os, and the Wiener brothers at various stages in his career.

Oxford, Donald R. - OH90. July 18, 1988. One of a series of interviews with Vietnam veterans conducted by LSUS graduate student.

Topics discussed include: the CIA, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Saigon River, South China Seas, U. S. Navy, and the U.S.S. Joseph Strauss.

Persons associated with the interview include: John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

See: related material in An oral history of Vietnam veterans in Shreveport and Bossier, LB2369.1987 .B54 in Noel Library.

Page, Frank - OH138. September 28, 1976. Interview with long-time announcer for the Louisiana Hayride on radio station KWKH in Shreveport.

Topics discussed include: Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, KWKH, Stan’s Record Shop, RCA Victor, YMCA-Camp Forbing, Hayride U.S.A.

Persons associated with the interview include: Dean Upson, Henry Clay, Horace Logan, Jim Reeves, Ray Bartlett, Jeff Dale, Hy Roberts, Hank Williams, Johnny Horton, Carl Ballew, Elvis Presley, "Brother Gatemouth," Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Colonel Tom Parker, Jack Jones, Norm Bail.

Parker, Malcolm G. - OH158.

Parkey, Fred - OH55. February 17, 1981. Interview relates primarily to Red River Valley Association and its history of working for river improvement, particularly restoration of navigation, and use, development, and potential of water resources in Red River Valley.

Topics associated with the interview include: Big Wichita River, Corps of Army Engineers, Arkansas Index, Lake Diversion, Lake Kemp, Lake Texoma, Lone Star Steel Company, Paris (Texas) News, Red River Compact Commission, U. S. Soil Conservation Service, Wichita County Water Improvement District.

Individuals associated with the collection include: Champ Baker, Sen. Allen Ellender, Sen. Bennett Johnston, Sen. Russell Long, Roy Mathias, N. A. Nabors, Rep. Sam Rayburn, Congressman Buddy Roemer, Barney Rothschild, Homer Tanner, Rep. Joe Waggonner, and Calvin Watts.

spacerCollection 042 Red River Valley Association Records

Pausback, Lawrence - OH50. June 27, 1980. Active worker with Shreveport Friendship House, 1953-1955, a Catholic organization that was specifically concerned with the problems of Blacks and experimented in interracial meetings in the South in post World War II.

Topics associated with the interview include: Chicago Historical Society, Friendship House Great Books Club, Notre Dame High School, Peabody Report, and Sociality group.

Persons associated with the interview include: Bishop Bright, Ethel Daniels, Joe Daniels, Catherine Baroness DeHeuic, Mary Doland, D. L. Dykes, Ann Foley, Bishop Greco, Monsignor Joseph Gremillion, Frank Hemmingway, Drs. Joe and Alice Holoubek, Dr. Lacy, George Shannon, Betty Snider, Mr. Teasley, Diane Thubitch, and Reverend Wright.

Payne, Ralph : Shreveport Symphony - OH66. May 26, 1981. Interview related to the recording of Shreveport Symphony Concerts from 1970 to 1981, and with Payne family members who played in the orchestra.

Topics discussed include: American Symphony Orchestra League, Civil Aeronautics Association, Federal Aviation Administration, Ford Foundation Grant, National Endowment for the Arts, Shreveport Journal, Shreveport Symphony, and Shreveport Times.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Charles Beaird, Dave Brubeck, Merle Ellis, Virgil Fox, Stan Kenton, Faye Payne, John Renshaw, Nita Payne Renshaw, Leonard Rose, George Shearing, Ellie Siegmeister (Bicentennial composer), and Janos Starker.

Perez, Leander - OH25. Twenty-three interviews conducted in the early 1970s by Glenn Jeansonne in preparation for the book, Leander Perez: Boxx of the Delta (LSU Press).

Individuals interviewed include: Mrs. W. E. Anderson (sister of Leander Perez), Victor Bussie (pres. Of Louisiana AFL-CIO) recorded debate with Perez on the issue of unpledged Presidential electors, Mr. A. S. Cain, friend and business associate of Perez, Mr. J. P. Cole, member of the State Guard, Sen. J. D. Debleiox, legislator and political opponent of Perez, Congressman F. Edward Hebert, Dr. J. B. Francioni, Professor at LSU, J. Ben Meyers, Plaquemine Parish Historian, Mr. Frank Nesom, member of the State Guard, Mr. Herman Noyse, college classmate of Leander Perez, Mr. Patrick Olinde, Superintendent of Schools in Plaquemine Parish, Chalin O. Perez, son of Leander Perez, Luke Petrovick, Parish Commissioner in Plaquemine Parish, Mr. Harvey Pettier, Legislator, Sidney W. Provensal, Jr., Attorney, Plaquemine Parish School System, Harold "Dutch" Sevedo, Personal aide to Leander Perez, Mr. George Singlemann, Personal Aide to Leander Perez, Percival H. Stern, college classmate of Leander Perez, Leander Perez radio broadcast regarding Voting Rights Act of 1965, Mesdames Gelpi, Carrere, and Foret, sisters of Leander Perez, Gov. Sam Jones, Mr. Edward Haspel, college classmate of Perez, and Mr. Lewis Gottlieb, college classmate of Perez.

Pickering, Myrtle - OH18. 1977. Recollections of one of the most politically active women in Shreveport. The interview covers a variety of topics such as race relations, Democratic Party politics, schools, and the women's movement. The memoir pointedly addresses some of the more controversial issues of local and state politics of the 1960s.

Topics discussed include: Black Market Baby Laws, Brown v. Board of Education, Child Labor Laws, the Great Depression, Fireworks Bill, Governor’s Races, 1928, 1952, 1960, 1964, 1972, John Birch Society, Ku Klux Klan, Louisiana Democratic Party-Reform Wing, Parent Teacher Organizations, Presidential Election 1960, 1964, 1968, and 1972, Racial Legislation 1960s, Safety Organizations, Salk Vaccine, Stock Laws, White Citizen’s Council, White House Conference on Women, 1967, and the Women’s Movement.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Jack Wells Clarke, Jackson B. Davis, Jimmie Davis, Neuman DeLouce, Edwin Edwards, Clyde Fant, Barry Goldwater, Hubert Humphrey, Wellborn Jack, Shelby Jackson, Bennett Johnston, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Robert Kennon, Earl Long, Huey Long, Charlton Lyons, George McGovern, John McKeithen, P. J. Bills, deLesseps Morrison, Richard Nixon, Willie Rainach, Leon Tarver, Strom Thurmond, Pappy Trish, George Wallace, J. M. Wells, Roscoe White, and Daylion Williams.

Pugh, Clarence - OH39. August 6, 1979. Recollections of work in glass factories, specifically Libby-Owens-Ford in Shreveport.

Topics associated with the interview include: AFL-CIO, Colburn method, Ford Company, General Motors, hand plants, laminated glass, Libby-Owens-Ford, machine plant, Pittsburg Plate Glass, United Biscuit Company, United States Sheet and Window Glass Company, yellow dog contracts.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Erving Colburn, Edward Ford, Goodwilly, Dan Gardy, N. C. McGowen, Jim Mambourg, Palmer Brothers, Weekley, Charlie Wright, and Jim Zellers.

Rainach, William M. - OH17. June 28, August 19, October 7, 1977. These are the recollections of one of Louisiana’s most prominent avowed segregationists. The interview addressed the racial segregation issues that dominated Louisiana politics after the 1954 decision, Brown v. Board of Education. It covers the origin of the Citizen’s Councils and the economic development of North Louisiana.

Topics discussed include: Agricultural Development (1940s), Citizen’s Council Movement, Civil Right Movement, Classical Liberalism, Communist Subversion (1950-1960s), Race Relations, Forestry (1940s), Theory Interposition, Iron and Steel Industry, Labor Relations, Voter Rolls, and the Youth Movement (1960s).

Individuals associated with the interview include: Charles Barnett, Cy Courtney, Jimmie Davis, Dwight Eisenhower, John S. Garrett, Sam Jones, Robert Kennon, Earl Long, Huey Long, John McKeithen, deLesseps Morrison, Leander Perez, Franklin Roosevelt, George Shannon, William M. Shaw, Ned Touchstone, Joe Waggoner, and Scott Williamson.

spacerCollection 087 Williiam Rainach (1913-1978) Papers, 1930-1977

Ratzburg, Dr. Fred - OH71. June 9, 1976. Dr. Ratzburg’s recollections of Shreveport at the turn-of-the-century (20th), LSU as a student and later member of the Board of Supervisors, and his early dental practice.

Topics discussed include: Barksdale Field, early dentistry, Levy Building, LSU, Medical Arts Building, Oakland automobile, Oil boom in Shreveport, Prohibition election, Rotary Club chapter establishment, Shreveport High School, Shreveport Country Club, and Slattery Building.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Col. David Boyd, Prof. Thomas D. Boyd, Dr. Tom Comegys, Ada Davenport, Miss Amanda Howell, Wellborn Jack, Whitfield Jack, Homer Jordan, Herman Loeb, Annie McCune, Adelina Robinson, Mr. J. R. Russell, Miss Lula Soape, A. C. Steere, Goodloe Stuck, Nell Ratzburg Wing.

Raymond, Helen Marbury (1886-) - OH8. May 12, 1977; May 19, 1977. Helen Marbury Raymond, a teacher at Louisiana Tech and member of a pioneer north Louisiana family, was 91 at the time of the interview. Central theme of interview is social, cultural, and educational experience in north Louisiana with emphasis on early Ruston, St. Mark’s and Holy Cross Episcopal churches in Shreveport.

Topics include: Alexander House, Chatauqua in Ruston, Louisiana, Feibelman’s Department Store (downtown Shreveport), Louisiana Tech, Railroads, Public and Private schools, Strand Theater, Texas Street Opera House.

Riggs, Dr. Ralph - OH104. January 25, February 1, February 24, 1989. With Dr. J. Woodfin Wilson and Dr. Alan Thompson discussing medicine in Shreveport. Dr. Riggs was an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist in Shreveport who was named to the Louisiana Medical Society Hall of Fame in 1976. Dr. Riggs received his M.D. in 1928, interned at Shreveport Charity Hospital in 1928-29, and did his residency in Otolaryngology at Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital in 1929-31.

Topics discussed include: Kansas City Southern railroad, Texas and Pacific Lines, World War II, Tulane Medical School, State Medical Society (Louisiana), Shreveport Medical Society, American Medical Association, Medicare, Shreveport Charity Hospital, Polio, State Board of Health (Louisiana), chiropractors, environmental problems, free clinics, abortion, the Great Depression, antibiotics, sulfanimide, ear infections, allergies, anesthetics, Medical Arts Building (Shreveport), Pines Tuberculosis Sanitarium, x-ray, Prohibition, cocaine, impaired physicians program

Persons associated with the interview include: Dr. Moise, Dr. Pope Oden, Dr. L. W. Gordon, Dr. Scales, Dr. Jack Pou, Dr. Edgar Hull, Dr. Willis P. Butler, Dr. B. C. Garrett, Dr. Marion Hargrove, Huey P. Long, Jewish community.

Rittenbury, Major Don & Cash, Chief Walter - OH95. November 1986. Joint interview with Major Don Rittenbury and Chief Walter Cash, of the Shreveport Police Department.

Topics discussed include: The "Dino" case, the "exclusionary rule", FBI Academy, Mapp v. Ohio, "Miranda Rule", and search and seizure practices.

Rothschild, Barney - OH132. January 25, 1977. Interview with President of Rothschild Boiler and Tank Works, Inc. and member of Board of Directors of Louisiana Bank and Trust Company.

Topics discussed include: Rothschild Boiler Works, Louisiana paper mills, Lorico Refinery, Great Depression, Shreveport industries, Shreveport schools, Ark-la-Tex power plants, OSHA, electric cars.

Persons associated with the interview include: R. W. Norton.

Ruffin, Tom - OH32. April 25, 1977. General Manager of E. F. Hutton Company recollections of activities surrounding the Capital Improvements Committee of the City of Shreveport in the 1970s.

Topics associated with the interview include: Chamber of Commerce, City Council, Jewella Road Overpass, City Charter Revision, Revenue sharing, Sunshine Law, Capital Improvements Committee.

Person primarily discussed in association with interview: Cecil Ramey.

spacerCollection 638 Tom Ruffin Collection, 1849-2009

Salassi, Elizabeth - OH133. July 22, 1981. Interview with a benefactress of community theatre and early radio personality in Shreveport, LA.

Topics discussed include: Shreveport Little Theatre, Summer Theatre, Hayride Kitchen, KWKH, KTBS, professional women, Paris, France.

Persons associated with the interview include: Joe Gifford, Marie Gifford, Bob Buseick, David Kent, John Shenaut, Don George.

Sawyer, Tom - OH57. March 30, 1981. Interview concerns early organization of Sawyer Downs Racetrack and Louisiana Downs Racetrack.

Topics include: Committee of One Hundred, Louisiana Downs, Louisiana Racing Commission, Ministerial Alliance, One Hundred Club, Sawyer Downs, Sawyer Quarter Horse Ranch, Thoroughbred Horse Racing, and Tri-State Oil Tool Company Industries, Inc.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Edward DeBartolo, Gov. Edwin Edwards, L. A. "Snooks" Holland, Gov. John McKeithen, Earl Sawyer, Tom Sawyer, Al Stahl, and John Wolcott.

July 20, 1982. Second interview focuses on the history of Tri-State Oil Tool Industries, Inc. including seminal activities that led to the formation of the company.

Topics associated with this interview include: Baker International Company and Houston Oilfield Material Company (HOMCO).

Individuals associated with the interview include: Gary Burnham, Roy S. Hurley, Kirvy Murray, Earl Sawyer, Tom Sawyer, John Shuey, and Frank Thurston.

Saye, Erwin - OH148. February 12, 2002. Interview with Shreveport geologist.

Topics discussed include: Columbia Restaurant, oil business, mineral rights, oil production, oil well drilling.

Serio, Joanna - OH134. July 1, 1982. Interview with daughter of Italian immigrants in Shreveport, LA.

Topics discussed include: Allendale, Bossier City, truck farming, Cush’s grocery, the Great Depression.

Persons associated with the interview include: Charlie Serio.

Sexton, Judge Fred - OH99. December 1986. Interview with Louisiana Circuit Court of Appeals Judge.

Topics discussed include: U. S. Supreme Court, Fourth Amendment, the Dino case, profiling, Louisiana Appellate Courts, and State Police Civil Service system.

Persons associated with the interview include: Sheriff Harry Lee (Jefferson Parish) and George D’Artois.

Shannon, George (editor, Shreveport Journal) - OH125. March 10, 1977, June 9, 1977, July 14, 1977, August 11, 1977, October 13, 1977, January 13, 1978.

Topics discussed include: El Dorado (AK), oil boom, New Deal, gubernatorial politics, elections, Caddo Parish Police Jury, "red light district", segregation, Barksdale, city services, Alexandria (La), Fort Polk, (La) military maneuvers, Camp Livingston, Camp Claiborne, Camp Beauregard, Shreveport Times, Shreveport Journal, (Shreveport) City hall, Shreveport Municipal Airport, Civil Aeronautics Administration, Central Trade and Labor Council, Louisiana voting laws, Eisenhower campaign, Citizen’s Council, Newspaper Production Company, Inc., Friendship House, racism, politics, political parties, civil rights, McCarthyism, fluoridation, anti-Semitism, The Counselor, John Birch Society, voting rights, First Methodist Church, Southern Independent Methodist Church, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, National Council of Churches, integration, States' Rights Democrat Party, American Party, LSU-Shreveport, Centenary College, municipal government, St. Paul's Bottoms, Committee of 100, Citizens Council, South African apartheid, foreign policy.

Persons associated with the interview include: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles A. Hazen, John D. Ewing, Richard Leche, Cleveland Dear, E. L. Sanderson, Earl Williamson, Lucian Meriano, F. F. Webb, Gerald L. K. Smith, Sam S. Caldwell, Toni Jo Henry, Claude O'Quinn, Gen. George Catlett Marshall, Gen. Willis B. Crittenberger, C. B. (Bill) Williams, John Mac W. Ford, H. Lane Mitchell, Douglas Attaway, Sr., Hal Arthur, George Hearne, Don Ewing, Sam Jones, James M. McLemore, Lucille Mae Grace, Douglas Fisher Attaway, George Washington Carver, ____ Frantz, Father Gremillion, Paul F. O'Brien, Ned Touchstone, George D'Artois, Joe Waggoner, Charlton H. Lyons, R. W. Hodge, Arch Winter, William J. Simmons, Robert B. Patterson, Dr. Medford Evans.

Shenaut, John : Shreveport Symphony - OH65. July 29-September 30, 1980, and September 4, 1981. A series of eight interviews covering the history of the Shreveport Symphony from its pre-organizational meetings in 1947 up to John Shenaut’s retirement in 1981. The interviewer, Hardy O'Neal was present at those early organizational meetings and continued to be active in various capacities with the symphony organization.

Topics associated with the interviews include: American Youth Ballet, Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company, Byrd High School, Centenary College, Civic Theater, Contemporary Modern Dance, SSO Endowment Fund, Fair Park High School, Ford Foundation Grant, KWKH, Louisiana Hayride, National Concert Artists, Patton Plan, Piano Concerts Contest, Quartet Broadcasts, Rock music and musicians, San Antonio Symphony, Strand Theater, Symphony Guild, Symphony House, 1960s turmoil, Union Local #116, and Youth Orchestra.

Individuals associated with the interviews include: Victor Alessandra, Herbert Allendorf, Alice D. Barnes, Bill Barnes, Mrs. Luther Beene, Daviel Cohn Bennett, Eugene Bigot, Dr. Whitney Boggs, Lucille Bond, Paul Brown, Robert K. Butcher, Grandma Cape, Bob Carlton, Ruth Caughey, Walter Caughey, Dr. Stanley Chappell, Van Cliburn, Father Coffin, Ken Dooley, Red Rudy Duestche, Jasmine Egan, Robert Ehrhardt, Mischa Elman, Phillip Entemont, Jerry Fippinger, Leon Fleisher, Virgil Fox, Rudolph Ganz, Mary Garden, Steve Grunhardt, Dvorak Halle, Leonard Hargrove, William Hark, Louise Harwell, Ernest Hatley, A. J. Hodges, Ernest Hoffman, Bob Hogan, Ed Hurley, Lincoln Igou, L.V.E. Irvin, Byron Janis, Tom Johnson, Mrs. John Jolley, Charlie Jennyss, Willie Kappell, Ida Krehm, Serge Koussevitsky, Leo Kuchinsky, Efram Kurtz, Pearl Phels Larmoyeux, Victor Larmoyeux, James Lee Rabbi Leftkowtiz, Charlton Lyons, Hall Lyons, Emil Maestre, Tony Maio, Billy Marshall, Helen R. Marshall, Mrs. Buford McGuffin, Mrs. Gus Meyer, Dr. Joe Mickle, James Hull Miller, Walter Minniear, Dominic Modeste, Charlotte, Morman, Mrs. Ed Neal, Jr., Mrs. R. W. Norton, Sr., Richard Norton, Eugene Ormandy, Grace Patterson, Ed Pendleton, Gregor Piatigorsky, Webb Pierce, Louis Pichardo, Miss Lillian Ponder, Felix Ponzianni, Etilia Poto, Ezra Rachlin, Michael Rayburn, Max Reiter, Aaron Rosand, Gene Rosheger, Gams Rudolph, Andre Segovia, Mrs. John F. Shenaut, John Shuey, Eric Sorentine, Ralph Squires, J. Vernon Stanger, Janna Starks, Raymond Steinem, Weston Sumners, Miss Elizabeth Taylor, Sam Terravana, Pattie Thigpen, Nena Wideman, Hank Williams, Mrs. Addison (Joanna) Wood, and Floy Young.

spacerCollection 135 Shreveport Symphony Association (1948- ) Records, 1948-1984
spacerCollection 220 Anna Bell Worden Collection, 1915-1982
spacerCollection 596 Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Collection, 1931-

Shipp, Donald E. - OH36, OH154. June 6, 1979. Recollections of its first Chancellor regarding the establishment of LSU Shreveport.

Topics associated with this interview include: Coordinating Council, 1967, Crow, Sklar and Phillips, Site Selection, Southern University-Shreveport.

Persons associated with the interview include: William Bronson, David Crow, Edwin Edwards, A. J. Howell, Joe LeSage, Malcom Parker, Alvon Robinson, Dewey Smodal, Fabia Thomas, and Dr. Martin Woodin.

Smart, Graydon - OH22. March 11, 1977. Recollections of editor of Chamber of Commerce magazine about activities relating to Red River Valley projects.

Topics associated with this interview include: Association of American Railroads, Chamber of Commerce (Shreveport), Constitutional Amendment 1956, Flood control, Goodwill trains, the Great Raft, Opposition to Water Navigation, Overton Canal, Red River Valley Association, Red River Navigation, Shreveport Magazine, U. S. Corps of Engineers.

Individuals associated with this interview include: Douglas Attaway, Overton Brooks, N. B. Chastain, Price Daniel, Bussie Dodd, Allen Ellender, Cliff Fairbanks, Clyde Fant, Nat Heath, Robert McLean Jeter, Bob Kerr, Tom Ledet, Russell Long, Roy Matthias, Jack McClelland, Jack O'Brien, John Overton, B. G. Robertson, Margaret Chase Smith, N. O. Thomas, Arthur Watson, Calvin Watts, Bernard Weiss, and Voss Whittington.

spacerCollection 042 Red River Valley Association Records
spacerCollection 430 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Red River Materials, 1945-1953

Smith, Gerald L. K. - OH27. June 12, 1979. Interviews conducted by Prof. Glen Jeansonne in preparation for a book on Gerald L. K. Smith. Smith was a former pastor of Kings Highway Christian Church, and politically outspoken in the 1960s. Interviewees are elderly members of the church. Interviewees include Gerald L. K. Smith, Mr. Phillip Bullock, Ed Jeffords, Mr. Marion Jouett, Mrs. Ralph King, Mr. Roland L. Morgan, Mrs. Bennie Bacon, and Mrs. K. A. Miller.

Smith, Jasper K., Jr. - OH12. February 17, 1977. Interview pertains to Jasper K. Smith's years in the Louisiana House of Representatives. A central theme is his consistent work for the passage of a bill that would require all new taxes be enacted by a two-thirds vote by both houses of the legislature.

Topics associated with the interview include: Confederate Memorial Hospital, Louisiana Constitutional Convention, Great Depression, New Deal agencies, Prohibition, and the Tax Bill Two-Thirds Issue.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Harney Bogan, Jimmie Davis, Welborn Jack, Sam Jones, Robert Kennon, Earl Long, Huey Long, Wade Martin, Cecil Morgan, deLesseps Morrison, Leander Perez, Franklin Roosevelt, Gerald L. K. Smith, and Rev. J. K. Smith, Sr.

Smith, Mary - OH139. n.d. (ca. May 1997 or later). Incomplete interview with Shreveport businesswoman, granddaughter of Walter Jacobs and D. Y. Smith, Sr., first president of Delta Airlines.

Topics discussed include: First National Bank of Shreveport, Delta Airlines, Women’s Department Club, Monroe (LA), Insurance Management Administrator (IMA).

Persons associated with interview include: D. Y. Smith, Sr., Ronnie Mercer.

Somdall, Dewey A. - OH135. June 14, 1972. Interview with prominent Shreveport architect.

Topics discussed include: Truman Library, architecture, architectural profession.

Persons associated with the interview include: Edward F. Neild, Mayor Sam Caldwell, William S. Evans.

St. Martin, Dr. Eugene - OH112. April 24, 1990. Interview with Dr. Eugene St. Martin, local urologist, and LSU Health Sciences Foundation board member.

Topics discussed include: medical practice in the early twentieth century, prostate cancer, Medical Arts Building, Urology Clinic, Charity Hospital, railroad hospitals, Shreveport Medical Society, Louisiana State Medical Society, "Cajun Mafia", Health Education Authority of Louisiana, LSU Health Science Center-Shreveport, Professional Standards Review Organization, Oyster Party, Schumpert Hospital, malpractice, medical technology, black doctors.

Persons associated with the interview include: Tullos family, Jim Campbell, Claude Pasquier, Bert Trichel, Sam Gill, Paul D. Abramson.

Stacy, Robert, Jr. - OH146.* November 11, 2001. Interview with the son of Robert Stacy, one of the three founders of Delta Drilling of Henderson (Tx), prominent in the Louisiana and East Texas oil fields, 1920s-1960s.

Topics discussed include: oil business, Shreveport banks, Gardner Hotel, Columbia Restaurant, Fairfield Avenue (Shreveport, La)

Persons associated with interview include: Sam Sklar, Richard Norton.

*No release on file

Stephens, A. L. - OH24. Recollections of lifetime native of Coushatta, Louisiana, and others regarding events and activities in and around Coushatta, area families and Red River steamboating in the early 1900s.

Topics associated with this recording include: Coushatta, Louisiana, during early 1900s, steamboat landings, plantations, and families along Red River, Coushatta General Store.

Individuals associated with this interview include: W. L. Mangham, John Mercer, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sewell, and Mrs. Glennie Prothro.

Stonecipher, Elliot - OH107. Fall, 1986. Interview with independent Louisiana political analyst and demographer based in Shreveport.

Topics include: KEEL Radio, Shreveport, annexation, Bossier City, Shreveport-Bossier 2000, Futureshape, race, Civil Rights, demographics, unemployment rates, social divisions, San Antonio, Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, Zoo Commission, Women’s Commission.

Persons associated with the interview include: Marie Gifford [Wright], Gay Papa, Henry Cisneros, John Hussey, Jesse Stone and George D'Artois.

Stuck, Goodloe - OH44. June 22, 1982; October 14, 1982. Recollections concerning the Shreveport Historical Preservation Association.

Topics discussed include: Spring Street Museum, Symphony House (Scofield House), Shreve Square, St. Vincent’s Convent, Howell House, Herold Mansion, North Louisiana Historical Association, Logan Mansion, Pioneer Heritage Center, and Highland Restoration.

Persons associated with the interview include: Dewey Somdal, Mrs. Dosite Perkins, Mel Chandler, Tom Ruffin, Kathleen Owen, Walter Lowery, Bill Hague, Mary Amelia Whited, Johanna Butcher, Leonard Huber, Sam Wilson, Robert Heck, Mrs. Florence Britt, Winston Brown, Glenn Welsh, Bill Wiener, Jr., Bryan Simmons, Judd Tooke, and Lauren Marchive.

July 1, 1982; October 28, 1982. Recollections of the origins of the Pioneer Heritage Center on the LSU Shreveport campus. This collection also includes interviews with the following individuals:

Mrs. W. E. Wheeless. November 4, 1980. and Deane Flett. November 23, 1980. Regarding the beginning of television in Northwest Louisiana.

Pete Harris. January 10, 1978. Owner of the famous Pete Harris Café, originally opened in 1921 as the Freeman and Harris Café in Shreveport

Henry Bond. October 2, 1977. On life in the 1930s and 1940s in Shreveport.

William B. Wiener, Sr. December 9, 1978. Modernist architect.

Foster Gullatt. July 2, 1979. Regarding the Ardis Company, historic wholesale grocery business in Shreveport.

Odessa Manson. February 22, 1977. African-American poet and active member of the Avenue Baptist Church for sixty-five years. She wrote plays and performed her original works in churches, schools, and colleges. Most of her work had Christian themes. Before her death, she wrote the musical drama "God’s Divine Plan".

Lurline G. Walker. (Mrs. Henry C.) May 30, 1975.

N. O. Thomas, Jr. March 2, 1977. Shreveport developer, and Rob Roy. March 21, 1980. Regarding the oil business in Caddo Parish.

Sutek, Peter - OH91. July 13, 1986. One of a series of interviews with Vietnam veterans conducted by an LSUS graduate student.

Topics discussed include: Combat Base Bobby, My Lai, and the U. S. Marine Corps.

Persons associated with the interview include: Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and General William Westmoreland.

See: related material in An oral history of Vietnam veterans in Shreveport and Bossier, LB2369.1987 .B54 in Noel Library.

Swanner, Elder Leon - OH106. Interview with Moderator of the Louisiana Primitive Baptist Association, from Jonesboro, Louisiana.

Topics include: Primitive Baptist Church, Absoluters in Louisiana, Progressives, Amite Association of Southern Mississippi, Springhill Primitive Baptist Church, and Conditionalists.

Persons associated with the interview include: John William "Little Billy" Swanner.

Thomas, Charles Leon, Jr. - OH153.

Tillman, Todd - OH159.

Touchstone, Samuel J. - OH64. June 12, 1981. re: Brush Arbors. Interview pertaining to pioneers in north Louisiana. Touchstone built brush arbors (a primitive form of shelter) as a kid in Sabine Parish, near Florien, Louisiana. Church congregations sometimes gathered under brush arbors in lieu of church buildings or tents. The interview describes these church meetings and social customs associated with them, giving many details about rural Louisiana folk life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Tucker, Col. John - OH41. June 9, 1976-February 8, 1977. Recollections pertaining to the creation of the Shreveport-Bossier Foundation.

Topics discussed include: the Cleveland Foundation, Cleveland Trust Company and Shreveport Bossier [Community] Foundation.

Persons associated with the interview include: Mrs. None Bath, James C. Gardner, N. C. McGowan, Justine Gras, Bob Jeeter, Charlton H. Lyons, Sr., Ray J. O'Brien, and Mrs. Elsie Wilson.

Van Thyn, Rose (Holocaust Survivor) - OH140.

Vinck, Minor L. - OH170.

Votaw, Juanel - OH160.

Watson, Arthur - OH14. March 9 and June 7, 1977. Interview pertains to Mr. Watson’s long chairmanship of the Democratic State Central Committee and his 35 years of dedicated leadership on various Red River navigation and flood control projects.

Topics discussed include: Democratic State Central Committee, 1940-1972, Great Depression, Flood Control, National Democratic Conventions (1948-1968), Overton Canal, Overton Waterway Commission, Red River Valley Association, and Red River Waterway.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Doug Attaway, Albin K. Barklay, Jimmie Davis, John D. Ewing, Chris Faser, Camille Gravel, Lyndon Johnson, Sam Jones, Earl Long, Russell Long, Roy Matthias, John McKeithern, Leander Perez, Franklin Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Jr., Richard Russell, Adlai Stephenson, Eva Talbot, and Strom Thurmond.

spacerCollection 042 Red River Valley Association Records

Webb, Thomas G. Jr. - OH92. July 9, 1986. One of a series of interviews with Vietnam veterans conducted by an LSUS graduate student.

Topics discussed include: Agent Orange, Bien Hoa Air Force Base, My Lai, the Tet Offensive, and the U. S. Air Force.

Persons associated with the interview include Richard Nixon.

See: related material in An oral history of Vietnam veterans in Shreveport and Bossier, LB2369.1987 .B54 in Noel Library.

Webb, Dr. Clarence - OH43. April 14, 1977. Recording of a lecture on Caddo Indians delivered for class at LSU Shreveport. Related material in OH15.

Webb, Dr. Clarence - OH15. November 18, 1976. Interview pertains to the history of the archaeological interest in Poverty Point with emphasis on the role of both the professional and amateur archaeologists who have studied this site. It also considers Poverty Point in a comparative study with similar archaeological sites in the Americas.

Topics discussed include: Dioramas, Meso American Sites, and Shreveport Society for Nature Study.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Caroline Dormon, Gerard Fowke, James Ford, William G. Haag, Samuel Lockett, Clarence B. Moore, Edward Neild, and Dr. Brainerd Wright.

Webb, Dr. Clarence - OH110. March 29, 1990. Interview regarding his medical career in Shreveport.

Topics discussed include: Highland hospital, Tulane, Calomel, meningitis, Charity Hospital, Caddo Parish Health Unit, pediatric medical problems, vaccines, polio, World War II, neonatal care, Shreveport Medical Society, Morphine Maintenance Clinic.

Persons associated with the interview include: Frederick Webb, Mastin Scott, Haskell Prothro, D. R. McIntyre, Edgar Hull, Herbert Vaughn, Dorothy Dodd, Robert Lucas, Willis Butler.

White, Betty - OH48. March 4, 1980. Interview regarding the history of the Caddo Bossier Parish Port Commission from its origins through 1979.

Topics associated with the interview include: Barnwell Center, Bossier Junior Chamber of Commerce, Bossier Parish Levee Board, Bossier Parish Police Jury, Caddo Bossier Port Commission, Caddo Lake, Caddo Levee Board, Caddo Parish Police Jury, Northwest Louisiana Coordinating and Developing Council, Overton Canal, Ozarks Regional Commission, Red River, Red River Valley Association, Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, Tri-State Oil Tools Company, and U. S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Individuals associated with the interview include: R. W. Barnwell, Jr., Dewey Burchett, Harmon Chandler, L. F. Clawson, Sidney Cook, Tom Dupree, Johnny Franks, Charles H. Jeter, Senator Bennett Johnston, Sinclair Kouns, Max LaComte, Buddy Leach, Buddy Roemer, Billy Ross, Earl Sawyer, Aaron Selber, Arthur Ray Teague, Level Thomas, John Turner, Charles Tutt, Forest Vaughan, and Rep. Joe Waggoner.

White, Betty - OH54. February 13, 1981. Interview pertains to the history of Sawyer Downs (later Louisiana Downs).

Topics associated with interview include: AMI Corporation, Bossier Police Jury, Evangeline Downs, Fairgrounds Race Track, Louisiana Racing Commission, Oaklawn Race Track, Bossier Banner, Shreveport Journal, and Tri-State Oil Tools, Inc.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Douglas Attaway, Vincent Bartimo, Herman Beebe, Ed Carter, Claud Grace, A. E. "Snooks" Holland, C. L. Madden, Grady Madden, Gov. John McKeithen, Randy Moore, Bennett Park, J. E. "Thom" Sawyer, Lionel Smith, John Waggoner, Ruben White, and John Wolcott.

spacerCollection 163 Sawyer Downs Records, 1960-1979

White, Roscoe - OH13. February 18, 1976. Interview pertains to Mr. White's experiences as an educator with emphasis on his years as Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of Education in Caddo Parish, 1935-1962. It includes observations and appraisals of many of the more controversial educational issues o the period.

Topics associated with this interview include: American Federation of Teachers, Barksdale Air Force Base, Bond Issues (1945-1951), Citizen's Committee, Citizen's Council, Educational Councils, John Birch Society, Junior High Schools (establishment and operation), Ku Klux Klan, Louisiana Teacher’s Association, School Lunch Program (1945), Negro Schools, 1935-1943, Peabody Study (1949), Race Relations (1930-1940), School Board, School Transportation, Student Teaching Teacher Contract System, Teacher Retirement Act (1936), Teacher Tenure Act (1938) World War II and Public Education, and Booker T. Washington High School.

Individuals associated with this interview include: M. L. Bath, C. E. Byrd, George Conger, Don Ewing, E. W. Jones, Huey Long, Cecil Parker, and Daniel Lee Prescott.

Wilkinson, Scott - OH6. October 26, 1976; November 18, 1976; January 25, 1977; March 24, 1977. Memoirs of prominent attorney and one of Shreveport's oldest civic leaders with emphasis on the social and political events that characterized the period from 1918-1960. Wilkinson served in the Louisiana state legislature as Caddo Parish representative, 1920-24, and chairman of the Shreveport Housing Authority, in 1940 and 1941. He was associated with Lee National Life Insurance Co., the Hunter Col, Inc., Gulf Coast Exploration Co., Inc., Kansas City, Shreveport, & Gulf Terminal Co., Holiday in Dixie, Inc., and Gulf States Realty Co. He served in both World War I and World War II.

Topics associated with this interview include: the Great Depression, Civil Rights, Gambling, Louisiana governors, Ku Klux Klan, Oil Industry in north Louisiana, Labor relations, Scopes trial, Party politics, Tenant farmers, Woman suffrage amendment, World War I and World War II in Shreveport, and the YMCA.

Williamson, Earl C., Jr. - OH11. June 19 and July 13, 1976. Recollections of Louisiana politics in Huey and Earl Long eras. Covers the Long/Anti-Long struggle in North Louisiana with specific attention to Caddo Parish and the Caddo Police Jury.

Specific topics associated with this interview include: Barksdale Field, Barnstorming, Downtown Airport, Flight (1920s), Highway Legislation (1940s), Share-Our-Wealth Ticket, Shreveport Regional Airport, Textbook Issue, Vivian (1930s), N.R.A. and W.P.A.

Individuals associated with this memoir include O. K. Allen, Overton Brooks, Jimmie Davis, Don Ewing, John Ewing, Clyde Fant, W. K. Henderson, H. H. Huckaby, Sam Jones, Richard Leche, Earl Long, Huey Long, Russell Long, Jimmie Noe, John H. Overton, Otto Passman, Franklin Roosevelt, John M. Sentell, Gerald L. K. Smith, and Joe Waggoner.

Williamson, Earl, Sr. - OH47. August 22, 1972. News interview with long-time friend and confidant to Earl Long, on the WBJO radio program "Topic," regarding primarily Earl Long and Louisiana political topics.

Topics associated with the interview include: Democratic Executive Committee, Highway Board Police Jury, Public Service Commission, and "Share the Wealth."

Individuals associated with the interview include: Oscar Allen, Harvey Broils, Overton Brooks, Jimmie Davis, Bill "Big Bad Bill" Dodd, Senator Feazell, Sam "Sweet Smellin' Sam" Jones, W. J. LaBlanc, Richard W. Leche, Earl Long, Huey Long, Chep "Dellasoups" Morrison, Jimmy Noe, Jess Nugent, and Otto Passman.

Wilson, H. D. - OH144. July 2, 1991. Interview with the director/owner of the Benevolent Funeral Home of Shreveport (La).

Topics discussed include: Worsham College of Embalming (Chicago,IL), African-American community, Charity Hospital (Shreveport, La), Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific railroad, Carver Credit Union, YMCA, African-American Chamber of Commerce, Wiley College, Shreveport Sun, World War II, race relations, voting rights.

Individuals associated with the interview include: George Guess, J. S. Williams, Granville L. Smith, Willis P. Butler, J. B. Hall, Sam Hunter, Bill Hanna, Russell White, Rolly Brown, Stuart DeLee.

Winter, Arch - OH84. May 26-27, 1986. Interview with former consulting city planner for the City of Shreveport and for Caddo Parish from the early 1950s to the late 1970s.

Topics discussed include: the American Institute of Architects, Anderson Island, Architecture, City Planning, Cross Lake Bridge, Downtown Shreveport Unlimited, Ledbetter Heights, Master Plan for Metropolitan Shreveport, Mobile, Alabama, Natchitoches, Louisiana, National Resources Planning Board, Overton Canal, Red River Parkway, Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission, Stoner Hill, and Urban Development.

Individuals associated with the interview include: Clyde Fant, Jim Gardner, George Parsons, Dewey Somdal, and Stuart Walsh.

Wright, Marie Gifford - OH93. 1986 and 1988. Former President of KEEL Radio, Marie Gifford was the first woman to run for the office of mayor in Shreveport.

Topics discussed include: Cordell, Oklahoma, the Civil Rights movement, city government, Cross Lake Bridge, Downtown Shreveport Unlimited, KEEL Radio, KTBS, KWKH, Ledbetter Heights, mayoral campaign, desegregation, Shreveport Journal, Shreveport Police Department, Stan's Record Shop, Tic Toc Grill, University of Oklahoma, and Young Men for Good Government.

Persons associated with the interview include: L. Calhoun Allen, John W. & Mary Y. Battey, Napoleon "Boogaloo" Cooper, George D'Artois, Clyde Fant, James Gardner, Joe Hunter, Donald Kennedy, Gordon McLendon, P. J. Mills, George Shannon, and Bob Thompson.

Young, John Wray & Margaret Mary - OH40. September 22, 1977 - March 23, 1978. Recollections of co-directors of the Shreveport Little Theatre for 37 years. The interview pertains to the Youngs' career achievements, their contributions to community theatre, and the historic of Shreveport Little Theatre.

Topics discussed include: American Theatre Association, Children’s Theatre, Community Theatre, Great Depression, Dodd College, Educational Theatre, Lagniappe Series, Shreveport Little Theatre, Southwest Theatre Conference, staging, and stock companies (1920s).

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